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Jimmy  12/24/2007          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
Damn I was lost and startin to listen to oter crap but Randy Rogers got me back into Texas Country and they are definately the best Texas Country Band out there
rampaige  06/14/2007          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
I bought this album several months ago and I'm still not tired of it. It sounds better everytime I hear it. Randy is full of energy and the album really compliments the fiddle player, which makes the album stand out to me more than the others.
Smokey  07/10/2006          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
After 10 years in the nightclub business, I can say without a doubt these guys are the best Texas Country Band ever!! We took a roadtrip last week to Harry's and these guys put on a show like no one else. Randy - I Love You Man!!!!!
Louis Gonzales  06/12/2006          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
I've seen Randy Rogers live a couple of times and he is absolutely awesome. This has to be one of my favorite cd's. I can completely relate to One Thing I Know. Keep on making great music and can't wait to see you again here in Houston.
Bronc Rider From Florda  05/23/2006          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
Hey Guys, Randy Rogers has got to be one of the best bands out, i wish theyd play texas country here in florida instead of this Nashville CRAP, well hope they keep comin up with more awesome songs
Amber  02/28/2006          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
This band absolutely ROCKS! I have gotten to see them twice at Billy Bob's and they are the best!
k-diddy  02/20/2006          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
i bought this CD about three months ago, and it is about worn out!! i got to see randy rogers at billy bob's about a month ago, he is great!! i wish he got more air time here in Oklahoma, i am trying to bring more people around to him up here! he is one of my absolute favorites!!
shane cummings  02/19/2006          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
this cd rocks everybody blankes about ccr selling out and changind now your griping about someone not make up your minds this is gonna be one of the greateat band ever wait and see Randy Rogers your a kick ass song writer keep it up
Kirby  02/16/2006          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
What really enhanced this CD for me was how good Brady Black is on the fiddle, which is something that isnt heard to near this extent on the other CDs. It puts so much more feelings into each of the songs on this entire track.
just another listener  01/11/2006          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
i dont think its necessarily fair to attack their billy bob's album. these boys deserve some slack. they're just getting rolling. the billy bob album is not supposed to have new songs on it. if you want a good crowd interaction get off your ass and see them live, they're great. maybe they came out with this album a little too early in their career, but give him a scratchin break


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