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warren leming  11/19/2005          
This Machine Kills Fascists DVD
Woody Guthrie was the American Communist Einstein, and is arguably the single most important American songster of the 20th century. Famously, he inspired Bob Dylan, Ernie Marrs, and Fred Gise among countless others-to work at a level of consciousness much beyond what corporate America deems comfortable. The DVD contains some great footage of Guthrie playing and singing, and there is very little of that material around. Guthrie, who pal'd with Pete Seeger, and the New York Red set-was want to scare the pants off NY Lefties.... he went much furthur in his calls for a radical revolution than was deemed safe and sound by the people making Left politic in 30's "Little Moscow" (New York), but his life does speak to what can happen when a kid from Okehma, Oklahoma starts looking into just what Karl Marx had in store for the current corporate capitalist system. Its an amazing story, told well here, by people who knew Guthrie. The dvd will do nothing but expand the legend of a man whose tragically short life inspired tens of thousands, and whose radical philosophy is still the best kept secret about him. Buy it, memorise it, and get back on the street with your newfound knowledge-and, perhaps, a guitar or banjo. See what happens: Dylan did and it made him a millionaire- but then there is a word for taking the best singer songwriter America had to offer and turning that glory into a Victoria Secret commercial.
Tim  08/26/2005          
This Machine Kills Fascists DVD
Cannot WAIT to see this DVD. It sounds amazing! I wish it wasn't 4-5 bucks more here than on other sites, though!

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