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Luke  05/21/2006          
Childish Things
Real, just plain REAL...
clay  05/21/2006          
Childish Things
take on the world as he pleases. ITs a great cd
W  02/28/2006          
Childish Things
Let go brother, United we stand! Love the music, and the collaboration. You are "muey" talented, no need to change the world!
John  01/21/2006          
Childish Things
Childish Things is the name of the album, the title track and the theme -- intended or not -- of an unperfect nostalgia commented upon in James McMurtry's latest album, which trades perspectives from a childhood boy to a seasoned and sometimes weary adult. It hits you hard on many levels. "See the Elephants," the first track and "Holiday," the last, are book ends of sorts for the American experience the album embodies, and "We Can't Make it Here" is an uncensored and succinctly accurate State of the Union our administration doesn't want you to hear. Among these gems, though, "Childish Things" stands up best as a coming of age testament that life's promises and ambitions don't come to fruition -- at leat not in a way you would expect. The Wolves that Howl All Night Long are the unmet obligations and the accumulated regrets that haunt all of us who age. I didn't know who James McMurtry was until recently. And I have no regrets about purchasing this album.
mean een  10/28/2005          
Childish Things
I haven't bought Childish Things yet but I certainly plan to after having heard the cut "Can't Make It Here" on Pittsburgh's alternative station, WYEP, this afternoon. Lyrical yet hard-hitting in its matter-of-fact imagery, it's the low-key protest song I've been hoping someone would write to express the stoicism of the struggling middle class and the working poor.
Bad Cletus  09/20/2005          
Childish Things
This is my 2nd McMurtry album & I'll sure buy the next. I just don't have the words to describe how good this album is. 'See the Elephant' is killer & 'Slew Foot' w/the great Joe Ely is just as excellent. There's not a song on the album I didn't like.

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