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Glnroz  12/20/2005          
The Real Deal
If you had to play this CD with an old fashion needle, mine would be worn through and through. This collection of songs fits just about any situation an old codger like me can imagine. Buy this CD it is an investment in mental satisfaction. Git-it now
Hank  11/29/2005          
The Real Deal
Good CD but I don't know why BJS would let Big And Rich sing about "dreaming of angels and sunshine" in one of his best songs, "live forever."
David Austin Cody  10/21/2005          
The Real Deal
The "Real Deal" is just that, the Real Deal. As usual Billy Joe has captured all the love and pain in these songs and this CD reflects that 100%. The listener can readily feel all the raw emotions within this man's soul communicated to us through his music. Billy Joe Shaver is one of the last living legends like Kris and Willie, that like so many who have gone before him, will not be fully appreciated until he gone to be with his wife, mother and son. Don't wait to buy his music when it becomes a collector's edition, buy it now and let your soul travel in his shoes down his life's journey of love and pain. May GOD Bless you and your music Billy Joe Shaver. Your friend and fan forever, Dave

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