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A. Doggett  05/03/2007          
You Don't Know Me: Songs of Cindy Walker
Willie and Cindy are two of Texas’ greatest musicians. Cindy is as obscure to today’s public as Willie is famous, but the respect Willie shows for her work tells it all. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this CD.
Garza  03/18/2006          
You Don't Know Me: Songs of Cindy Walker
What a wonderful way to introduce one of the best songwriter's in "our" generation to the "next" generation. Willie is not only a great American but a true ambassador to country music. At this point in his career he could be laying back on the beach but instead he is still being aggessive with his music and leading us into the future with introuductions to our past. Willie a Legendary Icon and a Texas Hero!!!!!!!!!!
Vickie  03/15/2006          
You Don't Know Me: Songs of Cindy Walker
THANK YOU, Mr. Willie Nelson!!! Now, this CD is a REAL tribute!!! Excellent selection of the Words and Music of Cindy Walker (just selecting the 13 songs must have been a real tug-o-war). The musical arrangements are GREAT and with the just don't get no better than that. In TX Bob Wills is still the King and Miss Cindy Walker is still the Queen..the good Lord outdid himself again when he made Ray Price's vocal cords and a place in Price's Cherokee Cowboy band for Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson appears in Price's 1961 "Tribute To The GREAT Bob Wills: San Antonio Rose" record. This record is by far without a doubt the best Wills tribute ever...Willie Nelson learned from the BEST. Willie Nelson does Miss Cindy proud...she has such a beautiful way of capturing a feeling in a moment in time and Willie Nelson honors that. Greatful for the highlights, "Dusty Skies" and "It's All Your Fault" (I like this version as much or more than the old Wade Ray recording). GREAT job!!!

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