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Lubbite  12/13/2008          
This World We Live In
My first Radney album and I really like it. Took me a little while to get into it, but once I did I couldn't put it down. Very good.
Jeb  06/08/2006          
This World We Live In
This CD is another yet another great chapter in Radney Foster's catalog. Yes, it is different, mellower, and instrospective. A wonderful effort including a one of his best songs yet - "Half Of My Mistakes" ----
Stephen  05/27/2006          
This World We Live In
The weird beat of this CD makes id differend but i don't care for the CD except for "Prove Me Right"
Steve  05/18/2006          
This World We Live In
Although I somewhat disagree with Rob's review...yes, they are all great songs, but in this type of situation, I dont mind the "recycling" of previous songs, since most of those songs had not been presented in a "full-band" manner. Although, I will say I personally enjoyed the acoustic version of most of these songs better, this album is still very good and indeed worth picking up.
Rob  05/07/2006          
This World We Live In
It's hard to speak poorly of such a great artist but something has to be said of this cd. The new songs on this cd are good, no question, it just has too many songs on it that are from his previous albums. In my opinion if you're going to make a new album put all new songs on it, don't recycle old songs.
Jaylan  04/10/2006          
This World We Live In
This is his best CD yet. A must have for any true Texas music fan

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