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jenna and christina   10/07/2009          
Snake Farm
Ray is the man.. the best cd we have ever heard
christina in north dakota  09/03/2009          
Snake Farm
snake farm it just sounds nasty. snake farm it pretty much is! love this song!!
Fred  07/11/2007          
Snake Farm
Just so y'all know, in the 90's the San Antonio Snake Farm was functioning as a front for a whore house. Hubbard's song, 'Snake Farm,' serves to poke fun at the situation. I wondered if only San Antonio residents would understand what that song was about. "She drives everybody off and then we, you know, snake farm."
Andrew  05/25/2007          
Snake Farm
Great CD I listen to most everday on the way to work, one of the only CD's I have that I like all the track on. Good mix of rock, blues and country can't belive I'm actually enjoying the country. I bought it for the title song as I use to live San Antonio and have been to the Snake Farm, brings back good memories. -Andrew
nickker  02/28/2007          
Snake Farm
i can't get the lyrics outa my head....snake farm.... ray wylie hubbard has a hit!
bixlucky  01/23/2007          
Snake Farm
ok, so I bought this CD for the title song, and Live & Die Rock & Roll was a bonus. The CD ain't too awful bad, if you like to get drunk on George Dickel & listen to RWH by yourself . . . in the dark. Turn the bass up for to get the real bluesy effect.
BUSTOFF  01/16/2007          
Snake Farm
Doofus  09/21/2006          
Snake Farm
Snake Farm is the greatest song in history. RWH needs to hold a political office.
Brauer  08/04/2006          
Snake Farm
A lot of miles traveled since the Pre-Dally Rallies- You may travel down the same roads but you never see the same scenery twice. The second, third, fourth,....... trips just keep getting better and better!
Maggie  07/29/2006          
Snake Farm
I have never connected to a musician's lyrics the way I have with this man! He's wonderful

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