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russell 23  05/02/2007          
Electric Rodeo
living proof is a cover song shooter did not long after electric rodeo came out. it was released on itunes as far as i know, this is the only place ive seen with it on the album. good song, but not as good as it aint easy which the song replaced on the album. awesome album, to me this album is the standard of outlaw country.
Wild Cotton  04/13/2006          
Electric Rodeo
"Living Proof" is an old Hank Jr. song. It is an entirely different song than "It Ain't Easy." Too bad it isn't on the disc that I have. Re, ~WC~
Panhandler  04/07/2006          
Electric Rodeo
I think they renamed it "It Ain't Easy" and this site still has the original title listed. No matter what you call it, it's a great tune.
stevestrait  04/07/2006          
Electric Rodeo
great album from the son of the man. livin' proof song not on the album i purchased. anybody know why not?
SimplyBob  04/07/2006          
Electric Rodeo
KD  04/04/2006          
Electric Rodeo
Raw hard ballsy n' heavy southern rockin country with soul. Nuff said. Shooter is helping to save the true music that we all need these days. Awesome record. Buy it and you will not be sorry.
Andrew  04/04/2006          
Electric Rodeo
I'm 8 songs into listening to this album for the first time and I can already give it 5 stars. Shooter is returning country music to its roots. This album is an amazing creation of what country music should be! With every year, he's bringing the message his father brought for years and years to the forefront of country music! At some points I even swore I was listening to Waylon on this CD. It's absolutely amazing!
Danny Hybner  03/29/2006          
Electric Rodeo
Just saw Shooter at Gruene Hall and I have to say it was awesome.Can't wait for the new album.Will definitely pick it up the day it comes out.
Country Girl  03/16/2006          
Electric Rodeo
Shooter Jennigs made a huge hit with me and many others when he out his first cd out ~ O Back In Country. I personally am in LOVE with him and the song ~ "4th of July" I can't wait for his Electric Rodeo CD to come out and I am 100% sure, millions of others will be lining up to buy this long-awaited cd
Rock n Roll Cowboy  03/14/2006          
Electric Rodeo
This album is 10 times better than his first one! It's apparent Shooter is trying to bring music back to what it used to be. Picture Waylon Jennings crossed with Lynyrd Skynyrd(Ronnie Van Zant), and Hank Williams Jr and that's what this sounds like. It's pure hard driving southern rock infused -traditional country. There's rockers like "Electric Rodeo" "Black Magick", twangy country songs like "Aviators" and "The Song Is Still Slipping Away", he sounds kinda like his dad on "Some Rowdy Women", and on the Skynyrdish-Waylon stomp "Little White Lines". "Gone To Carolina" the slower rocker is my favorite. He even covers Hank Jr.s "Living Proof" which is a song he can probably relate to. All in all you can't go wrong with this one! A must have! Waylon must be smiling down from heaven with a big ol' Texas grin!

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