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Bassman  02/13/2007          
Taking The Long Way
Chicks: your cd is full of GREAT songwriting and musicianship, but for God's sake quit hanging out with the Michael Moore/Al Franken crowd. It is OLD.
Southern Man  08/11/2006          
Taking The Long Way
Yea, Texans say what they want. Which is why The Chicks have had to cancel concerts in Texas and across the south. Texans say what they want also with their money by not buying the tickets. The music is more like a therapy session for the Chick rather than good music to enjoy. Maybe their srink told them to "Work it out by putting it in their music" but I don't want to pay for their sessions.
Truebluetexasdude  07/10/2006          
Taking The Long Way
All the chix need is Texas. If you don't like em get out, Texans say what they want. Great CD and a great new single.
Nashville Sux  06/20/2006          
Taking The Long Way
racefan243  06/12/2006          
Taking The Long Way
What a joke !!!
Willis  05/30/2006          
Taking The Long Way
Obviously Mark L, by the nature of your statement, you clearly do care what they say. Otherwise, you wouldnt post anything about their political "demonstration." Why would you stifle their ability to say such? How many artist would not exist today whom we cherish if everyone abided by your uninspiring position? Bob Dylan, Springsteen, The Beatles, U2, Hendrix, Joplin, and, of course, let us not forget Willie Nelson. Why aren't you complaining about these artists who share similar opinions and demonstrate them in much more superfluous manners? Probably because you hold a double standard of sorts. Women who behave themselves rarely make history. And yes, it is true; had they made their statement about our wonderful president today as opposed to then, 70% of the country would agree with them, as people came to agree with the Beatles and the like... Good Artists see retrospect coming a mile away.
Zack Jones  05/03/2006          
Taking The Long Way
I give a crap what they believe as far music and politics go. If they were to say today what they said two years ago %70 of the country would agree with them. Im just going off approval ratings. But perhaps you would care for a watered down cookie cutter Nashville sHIT machine than an artist who actually speaks whats on their mind and tells the truth while doing it. Buy a Rascall Flatts record
Mark L  04/26/2006          
Taking The Long Way
If they would come to realize that nobody gives a crap what they think politically & just stick to singing then they might have been OK. But then, they decide to firm up their stance to blab their collective mouths, so I renewed my belief that they suck
newchicksfan  04/15/2006          
Taking The Long Way
I never listened to country music and still don't really. I saw this video on VH1 and I was amazed! This is the best video I have ever seen in my life!! I have never heard their music before but this song rocks, which led me to find other songs from this album. (Also, I have gone out and bought all their albums and they all rock!) I have listened to clips or whole songs from the whole album and let me just say that I don't understand why anyone would have wanted to stop playing these girls, because they are so talented. The songs are all amazing and I could listen to every one over and over. I have reserved my cd already and I can't wait to get it. They have made a new fan out of me and I'm sure many more with their music being played on so many formats. Can't wait to see country radio come crawling back when the cd sales are major and the tour sells out!!
stlcardinalfan  04/13/2006          
Taking The Long Way
The Dixie Chicks are back with some fantastic sounding songs all co-written by the Chicks! The songs lyrics are filled with emotion and really come from the heart. This album will do better than many expect it to.

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