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Kevin  02/04/2007          
Live At Gruene Hall
These songs are great, original and have the potential to be classic tunes of Texas Music. They sound like they have been tried and tested and could stand among hits by Hag, Willie and the rest.
me  01/10/2007          
Live At Gruene Hall
Brandon  12/15/2006          
Live At Gruene Hall
It doesn't get any better than this!!!
Matt From Waco  12/11/2006          
Live At Gruene Hall
I just bought this album and it's one of the best live albums i have ever heard. I can hear the honkytonk and Victoria Secret are just two of my favorites songs. Go out and get this one.
T G  08/24/2006          
Live At Gruene Hall
I can't wait to hear this CD. I am a big fan of Jason's and you will be too if you hear this performance. Jason and Alex do an awesome guitar riff on Long Haired Country Boy that will show you just how accomplished Jason is as a guitar player. You want Honky Tonk Country...Tracks 1 and 7 fit the bill. What a great night this was..Thanks Jason
d.B.R.  07/17/2006          
Live At Gruene Hall
I was at the taping of this album at Gruene Hall in April. Let me tell you these boys blew me away. No re-do's or second takes, these guys did it all balls to the walls old school style. The energy is amazing! I can't wait to hear the last three tracks, which I guess are studio cuts. Either way Sept. 12 isn't going to come soon enough...

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