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angie/ ft worth TX  10/20/2007          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
Stoney it was great to meet u at the Red Dirt Roundup this year I am a big fan of your music. keep up the great work
Amy   05/09/2007          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
Been a fan of Stoney's from the very first time I heard him sing. He has soulful voice and God given talent for writing and he's a pretty good guitar player as well. ( : Live at Billy Bob's was a great show and you should have been there to see Stoney and the boys rock at the end(not on the cd). All the tracks on the cd are great and I highly recommend you purchase all of Stoney's music and catch him live. Keep on keepin' on Stoney!
Michael Devers (LSM)  04/10/2007          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
For Kirk in Shreveport - he answer is that hastings has no idea what they're doing in regards to Texas Music. They have a messed up track listing. The only good part of their system is the Purchase Order code. Whoever wrote that is a genius, but the rest of their system is screwy. The new full length is 15 tracks, the tracks we have listed here on LSM. I double-checked with the label to be sure that there wasn't a special version out there that only a certain retailer received and there isn't. If you're looking to hear live versions of Bluebird Wine and Ramblin' Fever, you're going to have to check out a Stoney show (which, btw, I highly recommend).
Kirk in Shreveport  04/10/2007          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
Why do the song lists differ so much from LSM and other sites?LSM shows 15 songs where Hastings shows 17 songs (which includes Bluebird Wine,Ramblin Fever, and Dance With the Gypsies). Can someone please clarify this for me?
Mike  02/27/2007          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
so it has been pushed back to april now, this is ridiculous
Tsutexan0284  02/15/2007          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
I have no clue of what's going on with this cd. I have been on the Galleywinter Forums and Stoney's website forum, but nobody seems to know why it has been delayed or when the new release date is. The anticipation is killing me! I must have it!
Mike  02/14/2007          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
So what's the deal with this CD? Why wasn't it released on the 6th when it was supposed to be?
okie  01/25/2007          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
Awesome CD buy it, best recording of one chord song I've heard.

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