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Connie T  03/30/2008          
The Other Side Of Broken
Ben is one of the most creative and intelligent people I know. He is awesome! Ben, I am so proud of you! I predict that Ben Morris will be remembered as a one of the greatest song writers in this genre of all time. Keep up the good work, Ben!
Cherokee  07/04/2007          
The Other Side Of Broken
Ben writes from the heart, his songs have the quality people in this business love to hear.. truly genuine, wow Ben you are the greatest... Keep up the great work...
dont hesitate  06/26/2007          
The Other Side Of Broken
As a good friend of Ben's, I know the stories behind these songs. These are true songs that are delivered truly...some to a point where the people who they were written about were offended. The mark of a great songwriter. If you're talking about music other than the plethora of good time songs and want to listen to music that will move you, then Ben Morris has one of the best records of the year. And the live show with his new band isn't half bad either.
Cortney Palacios  03/05/2007          
The Other Side Of Broken
What an album! Ben Morris has an amazing voice, which compares to that of legends like Johnny Cash. His lyrics are a personal reflection, but he is able to relate to all of his listeners in a way that I believe will earn him fans for years to come!

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