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jason grant  05/21/2007          
The Trailer Tapes
chris knight is one of the best...this cd is awesome, i love acoustic music...chris knights first cd is the best music i own, its 12 years old and i still listen to it weekly...
Montster  05/05/2007          
The Trailer Tapes
I am a relatively new Chris Knight fan but I love this cd! Every song is heartfelt and real. Something Changed and Move On in particular kick some ass. I will soon own everything this stud has recorded.
cTc  04/13/2007          
The Trailer Tapes
Great CD! Chris said he was angry when he wrote these songs....I just think he was being real and didn't give a **** what others thought. Strong music....other artists should take notice!
Tennessee  03/22/2007          
The Trailer Tapes
Each of Chris's CD's are just a bit different from the next, but they all manage to be GREAT! This one is no exception. He brings his KY coal mine grit out in this acoustic masterpiece.
famus15  03/11/2007          
The Trailer Tapes
This guy is a BMF! Can't wait for this CD to come out. Always a great show when he visits the Ice-house.
Clam  03/10/2007          
The Trailer Tapes
Amazing Cd... Maybe his best yet

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