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aggie cole  09/30/2008          
Best Of The Sugar Hill Years
if u dont have all of the other cd's from reckless, then this is a great all for one cd to get.
KB  05/18/2007          
Best Of The Sugar Hill Years
I'll probably buy this CD just to support the band. Not many songs on this album that haven't already ran through my CD player at least 10 million times. It never gets old but I have all the RK CD's so I pretty much have all the songs already. O'well I'll be looking forward to the next album. By the way, thanks for clearing that up for everyone Cody. I kinda figured that might be the case. I feel sorry for anyone missing out on this band. Greatest band of all time. Without a doubt!!
TCB  05/17/2007          
Best Of The Sugar Hill Years
The cover of Castanets is on the RK Was Here 2CD/DVD set. It's great!
T-Dub  05/17/2007          
Best Of The Sugar Hill Years
I don't know how many of you saw RK at Larry Joe Taylor this year but I hope they do a cover of Castanets on the new album. It was the first song they sang at LJT and it kicked ass. Alejandro Escovedo is the original singer but RK rocks it out even harder than AE did. Wow awesome band, can't wait to see you again!
cb  05/14/2007          
Best Of The Sugar Hill Years
"Babys Got a Whole Lot Better" WOW... uh, folks the title of the song is Babys Got a Whole Lot MORE BETTER......n stuff Geeezzzzzz
reckless kelly  05/14/2007          
Best Of The Sugar Hill Years
Hey, Cody here from the band... This is the first we have seen or heard of this! we are in between management and somehow this sliped through the cracks. This is not a substitute for a new record!!! We had absolutly nothing to do with this release. We are working on new songs and hope to get into the studio this fall. Thanks for making us aware of this and we hope to see yall at a show sometime soon. cody
Shack  05/14/2007          
Best Of The Sugar Hill Years
Don't hate on the boys here! This looks like a record company decision not a call the band would make. The guys are already cutting demos and such for the next album, so don't get too impatient.
Allen  05/14/2007          
Best Of The Sugar Hill Years
Gotta say, kinda disappointed. I'm ready for some new songs. I love RK, but to put out old songs right after a live cd doesn't make sense. Now we gotta wait another year before a new song comes out.
brett  05/14/2007          
Best Of The Sugar Hill Years
This is lame, its not even their greatest hits, plus we want new songs....they haven't even written that much.
TCB  05/11/2007          
Best Of The Sugar Hill Years
YES!! Another CD!! Soooo excited :)


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