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gulfcoasting  01/03/2008          
Two Thousand Mile
Another great record- I have posted below of a review I just saw in No Depression (Jan-Feb '08 issue) of this CD. OWEN TEMPLE Two Thousand Miles El Paisano "Owen Temple's new disc is twelve tracks of longing for his native Texas. Temple wrote these catchy tunes while living for two years in Wisconsin, far away from his adopted hometown of Austin. His songs, even the rowdy ones, barrel straight through the roadhouse on the way to better, safer places, like the center of a woman's heart. He has a curl of Townes Van Zandt's spoken-word style of singing, which lifts the sincerity and power of his lyrics. "I Just Can't Quit Loving You" lopes behind producer Lloyd Maines' patient pedal steel. "Love is harder on me that anything else I've tried," he sings. His other songs show he's tried a whole lot else. "Demolition Derby" demonstrates the wreckage that happens when lovers collide. "Swear It Off Again" doesn't dismiss what you might think (alcohol); instead, it's a a tender resignation of dreams. But as dirty and desperate as Temple can get, he can't hide his good nature. The first track, "You Want To Wear That Ring," is a redemptive shout-out that rides high on David Grissom's guitar and the thunderous drumming of Dave Sanger."
bigtex  12/26/2007          
Two Thousand Mile
Still good music, but it doesnt have that genuine and thoughtful Texas sound that the older CDs had. The lyrics just arent there and the band doesnt quite complement Owen like they used to.
Texas Music Fan  11/07/2007          
Two Thousand Mile
It's impossible to hear your songs and not sing along! The new CD is amazing and I can't wait to get to your next show.
txgirl45  09/11/2007          
Two Thousand Mile
I downloaded this from a few weeks ago and it's his BEST EVER. I'm ordering the CD too!!

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