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brettc  05/08/2008          
Old Town Rock N Roll
Sounds like Adam is back to his old music. I love it, great stories. I wish there were more songs, but thats okay, sometimes less tracks on a cd can be better. Good job Adam
Hill Country Poet  04/29/2008          
Old Town Rock N Roll
Great album , cool song's. He paint's great picture's about the characters on this album. If you liked His last one, you will dig this one. Oklahoma Gypsy Shuffler stand's out. Thank you Adam for the great tune's. See you down the road. ...........
Donnie C.  04/28/2008          
Old Town Rock N Roll
So I have not heard this CD in its full form...a little here and a little there.....I will say this, Adam is unique in song and character...he is song. This CD was recorded in a garage in the home for wayward musicians....It was co produced by Mark Jungers and Scott Nolan....these two guys know a song and might be the only two cats that understand Adam and his work......maybe. There is no long shot here...this CD is everything you love about Adam, his songs and more....Probably will be the best of 08 for me....Adam if you read this, I'd like an advanced copy...cause I can't wait. Donnie C. AKA: Suck Up I meant every word.....


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