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Big Hat  05/20/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
Got Vagrants and Kings in the mail today and it was WORTH the wait. Didn't buy the greatest hits that he re-released and was a little put off by it, But this one is gonna be just as big and the songs just as memorable as his early releases.....Just goes to show you shouldn't give up on someone just because they piss you off once in a while. GREAT job Cory.
Kristina  05/20/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
We saw Corey in El Paso two weeks ago and he played some of the new songs off of this cd and I liked them. I only went to see Blue Edmondson because he was playing with Corey and I had never heard of Corey, but I now love him. I got this cd and love it, but need to buy more. Which one should I get next?
Chance  05/20/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
Cory is back. I had given up on him after the last greatest hits record, but decided to check this one out. Not a bad song on the record and All Said And Done is going to be a live show classic. Thanks to Lone Star Music for getting it to me a day early.
lonedpg7  05/08/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
how can you tell how the whole cd sounds from some sound clips. if you have the cd send it to me or i will buy it from you. if you want to get rid of it just let me know
brettc  05/08/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
This cd sounds horrible. Not near as good as his old music. I tried giving it a chance, but I'm not sold. NOt good, go back to the studio

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