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KB  10/02/2008          
Excellent CD!! I will just add this one to the rest of my Micky & The Motorcar collection that is always within reach when I want to hear some really damn good music!! Talented group of individuals. Keep it up guys. You have a really good thing goin!! Oh and by the way, Gary kicked a$$ on John D's "Twilight". Excellent voice!! Micky, Gary, Willi, Cody, is there anyone in the Braun family who can't sing damn good and play any instrument you throw at them? Wow, usually there is a brother or sister somewhere down the line that is just a few t-shirts short of a merchandise booth if you know what I mean. Not in this case!! Keep it rockin fellas!!
Heiko Wester, Netherlands  08/21/2008          
After some waiting, Na´ve arrived aug 19.(Poeh!). The first time listning, hmmmm, not bad. Now, aug 21, listning 4, 5 times the tracks are GROWING!! Of course everyone has his/her own taste, but rating only Na´ve, it's a great piece of music. Really another pearle in my collection!! I like the mix very much, Micky's voice, the backvocals (Cody Braun) and the instruments. (Listen!), Heiko Wester.
Ft. Worth  08/05/2008          
A little disappointed by this CD. I thought careless was a far better Cd than this but I guess it's ok. I'm still glad I bought it but I was just expecting more. Long Enough To Leave is a great song as are several more. I don't think this has as much rock in it as some of their other CD's.
1CubFanInPA  08/02/2008          
"Naive" is a terrific CD from MMC. While "Ain't In It For The Money" is still a better compilation of tunes and seems to flow better as a CD, the sound quality on "Naive" is superb. Best track is "Long Enough To Leave" and should be the follow-up single to "Grow Old". All in all "Naive" is one disc that any fan of this band will be pleased with and must own.
laceyjd18  07/30/2008          
love it. a couple of the songs sound more traditional country but they still have the MMC flare to them. Misunderstood if my favorite

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