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Cowboyjam7  03/14/2010          
Comal County Blue
" Love Jason, his vocals kick. I'm buying it. What is Red Dirt Country anyway. Texas Country Rules!"
WSL  03/19/2009          
Comal County Blue
Absolute greatness. Mature, insightful, warm with that great Stragglers sound. The guys just keep Red Dirt Country at the top for me and all my 40-something friends.
SBtexas  03/04/2009          
Comal County Blue
I have been a fan of Jason Boland for years but I personally didn't care much for Comal County Blues. I liked Pearl Snaps best.
Kyle Fults  12/23/2008          
Comal County Blue
Jason Boland has no living equal. Its a fact. His music gets better every time he puts some out. This record is a gem like all the rest.
KB  10/02/2008          
Comal County Blue
Not as good as Bourbon Legend in my opinion but not bad. Kinda shows a little different side of Jason. I tend to like the other side a lil better. Cd is good for a change but I will be looking forward to next album. Concerts are always kick a$$ no matter what songs he sings though. Get well soon Jason. Lookin forward to seein ya again!!!
Kathi A.K.A. Grammy OU  09/05/2008          
Comal County Blue
You "Guys" know the "Girls" form Norman Loved This New CD from the first word spoke about it in 2007..Hot Damn Wat To Go Guys!!!Thanks for the fresh ink Jason !!! Love Ya Man....Praying for ya now and always..... Kathi,Jackie,Whitney
Hellofanight  09/04/2008          
Comal County Blue
This album establishes Jason Boland and one of the greats! Been listening to Comal County Blue since I bought it. Every time I listen I discover something new. Jason Boland is a poet. The best singer song writer out there today. And I definitely don't have a problem with Jason's mention of God in his songs. God Bless Jason Boland!!
Shawn in Fort Worth  08/28/2008          
Comal County Blue
This album is great. The whole thing's good. Especially "Down Here On Earth" "Comal County Blue" and "Outlaw Band". If you don't have this or The Bourbon Legen be sure to get'em.
Mitchell Miller  08/27/2008          
Comal County Blue
A good follow up to Bourbon album. A more mellow Jason. Hope the trouble with the vocal cords is now history. 94.9 The Outlaw is playing the hell out of Comal County Blue.
Ryano  08/26/2008          
Comal County Blue
"blowing trough the hills", and Possibly "Roadside Prayer,"(I believe that they released this one as a bonous track, old wormy dog bootleg) are iTunes exclusives. They recorded them specificlly for iTunes, and can be baught online. Check it out in the the newest Edition of Lone Star Music Magizine. Great Album, Get it. "DO IT"

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