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Gwen  07/10/2009          
If We Ever Make It Home
Who said this CD wasn't good? I bought it a few weeks ago and listen to it over and over. I love it. Not a bad song on it, in my opinion. I have reccommended it to several friends and they all love it too.
Victor  04/21/2009          
If We Ever Make It Home
Wow! "Daddy and the devil" is a heart renching tune that for any survivor of this nature, is hard to listen to without breaking down and crying , but it is well needed . Thank you
jstn  04/09/2009          
If We Ever Make It Home
wade im so sick of people saying "this album wasnt good" they are STUPID it is awesome... people he won TWO (2) lsm awards for it. that is an amazing accomplishment. congrats wade... keep the music coming.
meeeeeee  03/19/2009          
If We Ever Make It Home
I am in loveeeee with this album, its always in my cd player!
jwspiess2010  03/04/2009          
If We Ever Make It Home
This is cd is AMAZING. That's about the only way to dscribe it. Wade's voice and songwriting have reached a new level. AMAZING
Jonathan  02/23/2009          
If We Ever Make It Home
Thank You Wade Bowen!
Fan From Oklahoma  02/10/2009          
If We Ever Make It Home
Those who say they don't like the album because it is too slow needs a reality check. If you want fast upbeat drinking songs listen to Nashville country. It's about the lyrics in this part of the country. I'm pretty sure when Wade's wife was going through her post-pardum depression, he wasn't thinking about writing songs about partying. Give me a break. This album is pure genius. I would rank it right up there with Lost Hotel. If not above it. Probably my favorite of all 2008 albums.
KH  12/12/2008          
If We Ever Make It Home
One of the best records of 2008!
Muttcrt  12/07/2008          
If We Ever Make It Home
Wade, I hated to give ya just 4 stars, but this CD is a little "down" than the others, but sometimes, ya gotta write what ya feel and this is a good CD, but you could have brightened it up in a couple of spots. Keep up the good work, love your sound.
Rick in Odessa  11/22/2008          
If We Ever Make It Home
This album is by far his worst and that saddens me. I was really looking foward to this album and am really disapointed. There is nothing to be happy about, nothing to drink to, and no songs about Texas! Cause really, that's what Texas Music is all about, Good times, drinking, love and Texas! This whole album is dark and moody, nothing like Try Not To Listen, which I think is his best or Lost Hotel. Wade, I love your music man, and will still continue to support you, but what happened to Wade Bowen AND West 84??? What happened to acoustics and steel guitars, violins and up beat-feel good music? music? Come on man and go back to your roots...

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