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RR13  01/31/2009          
Undone: Tribute to REK - 2 CDs
I've been a Lonestar Music shopper for a number of years and I've never written a review before now. All I can say is, this album is this best there is. This album is the reason I listen to music.
RHETT  01/27/2009          
Undone: Tribute to REK - 2 CDs
simply amazing. best album i have heard in a long time. no doubt album of the year
joey  01/17/2009          
Undone: Tribute to REK - 2 CDs
I haven't stopped listening to this album. Each performer just makes each song their own. Bonnie Bishop's version of Not a Drop of Rain is flat out amazing!
jimmiejack55  01/16/2009          
Undone: Tribute to REK - 2 CDs
AWESOME! Can't say enough about this CD. The artists do such an amazing job at Keen's originals. It's almost as though Keen had written them for each preformer.
SixStringGun  01/14/2009          
Undone: Tribute to REK - 2 CDs
This is truely an excellent series of songs.That it is acoustic makes it even more intense and nothing is missing on this 2 disc set. Perfect just the way it is PERIOD!
Daddy-O  01/09/2009          
Undone: Tribute to REK - 2 CDs
Awesome compilation of the Master's finest! Listen to Chris Knight sing "Undone", and you will remember what a great song this is, and how great an artist REK really is.
Texasmusic1880  01/08/2009          
Undone: Tribute to REK - 2 CDs
Great album, just didnt think it was going to be all acoustic, its also missing two of the best, Mike McClure and Phil Pritchett, Id like to have have heard Travis Linville on there also but overall I recomend this one cause REK kicks ass!


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