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Heiko Wester, Netherlands  05/05/2009          
Made To Last
Listning to his early CD's, I wasn't very impressed, but 'Made To Last' hit's my bones!! The divers of the songs and they are more powerful!! I like really every track!! Highly recommended!! Heiko Wester, Netherlands.
Hoss  04/16/2009          
Made To Last
The Last Great DJ (Brett Dillon, KHYI, Dallas) summed it up best by saying that this was the best CD of 2009 so far. This is, by far, one of the better CDs you can purchase. Every song is won't be disappointed.
Cunningham's Hardware  01/30/2009          
Made To Last
Hi, this is Howard! I remember just like it was yesterday. Little Richie's little brother was all guzzled up in the back seat while we drove to Reno for his next gig. Ralph Malph was nailing Joanie (Jett)good while the Fonz played harp to Marion's non-stop whiskey breast-feeding of this bottomless pit of a little nipple nibbler. Gotta say, I'm sure proud of this boy today. Hopefully he'll live up to all the hype over here in (Red Dirt) Milwaukee . Since he never did know a thing about country music, we've encouraged him to do what everyone else with no talent does, get yourself surrounded by a "same-sound" outfit, sing about Texas, and pretend you're a bad ass. Soon you'll graduate to being able to write a song about another subject other than Texas! Then you're almost there. (Hey, maybe even about a girl!) If you keep saying "red-dirt", people will naturally think you're "doing" something different, gritty, and cool, and they can't ever accuse you of being a wanker. Our little boy was never the fastest learner, but he just received his greatest professional advise from Big Al on our West Coast trip recently (Asher and Dominion streets areas). Al reminded all of us that if you keep talking, or singing about Rosa Coletti for more than 8 years, that makes you the bigeest loser in any state, let alone the largest one. Don't forget folks! Buy my boy a beer at their next show. He's leaning towards a new HD Red Dirt 8 string in the next year. Yep, we're sure proud!

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