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woodshedshooter  07/01/2009          
Poor Man's Paradise
Ted Russell Kamp is an honest man with many talents. His prowess as a Bass player in Shooter Jenning's band just scratches the surface of what he can do. In his newest release, "Poor Man's Paradise", Ted continues to write, sing, and play in a way that really serves the songs. Although some of the melodies seem familiar, Ted has a way of making them his own and telling stories that hit you straight in the heart. Ted easily moves around from ballads to rockers to pure country soul and hits all points in between. Every Ted record is easily worth the price and will stay in your CD player for a long time. The only thing I look forward to more than the next Ted Russell Kamp CD, is seeing him play the songs live. If you haven't heard his music or seen him perform yet, you are missing out on a True American Artist at the top of his class.
Ray Owles  04/30/2009          
Poor Man's Paradise
When he’s not busy touring and recording with Shooter Jennings & The .357’s, Ted Russell Kamp has been holding his own as a solo singer-songwriter. His latest album, ”Poor Man’s Paradise” is a blend of country, blues, folk & classic rock that is a wonderful addition to his already impressive recording catalog. A true road dog, Ted notes that this album was recorded on the “...tour bus and countless hotel rooms across America...” Standout tracks like “Long Distance Man”, “Dixie”, “Poor Man’s Paradise” and “Old Folks Blues” show Ted’s musical range and will have you hoping that his tour bus rolls through a town near you soon.


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