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Ryano  10/16/2009          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
Bleu Edmondson is a great musician and if you are looking for a great album, try one of these! Don't knock this album cause the Live at Billy Bobs folks have their priorities screwed up! Bleu's music is great, cant wait for a new studio album!!!
CODY  06/07/2009          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
so heres what i want to know...i just bought the full cd at hastings...and yet the one on this website (where i normally buy my cds) has 18 songs...where as my cd has only it just me or has the live at billy bobs cd franchise totally proven they are only about money???...TEXAS MUSIC STARTED OUT ABOUT MAKING GOOD MUSIC...IT HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT THE MONEY...THATS WHAT MADE IT SOOO SPECIAL!!!
PK  05/22/2009          
Live At Billy Bob's {Full CD}
What is the deal with the folks who produce the Live from Billy Bob's series. They release the record, only to come back with the "Full CD". They did it with Stony and now this. Do us a favor, release it once. I support live music with my dollars so don't jerk me around.

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