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A.J.Dickinson  01/24/2010          
American Junkyard
Love the new cd it is awesome as always just miss the hidden track
txmusicjim  01/04/2010          
American Junkyard
Helluv a well written album even the covers are stellar choices. Brian never disappoints!
Jacklpe  10/15/2009          
American Junkyard
Brian Burns is one of the best counrty artists in America today. Simple as that. I hope this new album goes out of the ballpark for him.
Butch  10/07/2009          
American Junkyard
I have known Brian for about 8 yrs. and have grown to consider him one of my most treasured friends, his music is deep and from his soul. My wife hired Brian to play my 50th birthday party. Long after the food and his paid performance, he brought his guitar over to the roaring bonfire and played with the local pickers until the wee hours of the morning, most of these young men wear fans, and were amazed that Brian wanted to hear their music and share stories with them, even had Brian play and sign their instruments.....if you do not own any BB, buy them all, you want find a better collection of music across the board anywhere. Butch
Dave Pilot  10/07/2009          
American Junkyard
America the beautiful. That’s what Brian Burns believes in. Not America the fractured, not Obamacrats vs. dittoheads. Not Iraq, and not Afghanistan. America. Remember her? Want to? If you’re thinking yes, you’re in luck. One of those rare generational singers whose influence can extend with infinite reach into the souls of those who listen has drawn us an achingly beautiful mural of her wonders. It’s the American Junkyard, but it’s also our heritage to do with as we please. To safeguard the legacy or simply to join in the fray? That’s Burns’ question. And the answers are here. Listen.


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