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ljd  03/08/2010          
Zero Dark Thirty
love it, love it, love it. i like everything this man does, but this one is a good one. i am really digging down the road i go. mm is my favorite song writer, he wrote break in the storm and that is just my absolute favorite song of all time. buy it, you'll love it
alisue18  03/05/2010          
Zero Dark Thirty
I LOVE THIS CD!!!! Mike McClure is pure genius! Wolves and Colors Fade to Grey are definitely my favorites. Great album, everyone needs to know the amazingness that is Mike McClure. :)
Heiko Wester Netherlands  02/23/2010          
Zero Dark Thirty
Wow, six stars!! Ordered this one without listning to any song. On Myspace, every week one track availible, rather exiting! Now listning to the CD, number 6, 'in my ears' sounds familiar. Yes, got it, it's a song from the album 'Twelve Pieces'. It's still a great song! On 'Foam' the track 'Floods' was also a classic from the early years! Zero Dark 30, absolute no regret, it's like a new coat that fits just fine!! Guys, THANKS and good luck!!
LaurenC  02/06/2010          
Zero Dark Thirty
once again! this guy is the best singer my opition. you wont be disappointed.
T Dub  02/04/2010          
Zero Dark Thirty
I can't wait to get the new "Zero Dark Thirty" CD. Onion was awesome and a follow up this soon is great news. If you don't own every MMB CD you are truly missing out on masterful musicians.
Texasmusic1880  02/03/2010          
Zero Dark Thirty
Yeeessssssss! Rock on!


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