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prgonzo74  06/01/2010          
Ramblin' Man EP
Been a very long time fan and tried to like Vagrants & Kings but just couldn't. The song "Ramblin Man" on this new EP sounds promising and I'm looking forwared to his 19 song cd in August. I wasn't aware of that.
redhotone  05/26/2010          
Ramblin' Man EP
just go to one of his concerts discern how nashville you think he is...dumb
NB, TX  05/25/2010          
Ramblin' Man EP
A few new songs for a teaser and studio recordings for two awesome songs that have only been done live - what's wrong with that? Nothing!
L Bell  04/29/2010          
Ramblin' Man EP
Lomesome is one of my favorite songs right now. The new cd is going to be great. I like how Cory changes everything up on every album. Not the same old stuff, Texas and Beer. Keep it up Cory.
soapsuds  04/27/2010          
Ramblin' Man EP
i dont understand why people knock cory's new stuff so much!! the peoples main reason i guess is that everyline in his new songs dont involve beer and texas!! I would assume that most of you that knock his new stuff are die hard josh abbott and casey donahew fans and that explains it!! cory is a great songwriter and guitar player and if u dont get that i would recomend putting taste or white trash story in ur player and move on!! as far as you saying it's a five song EP with old songs is crazy 1. one it's an E.P and 2. the full c.d will be out in august and has 19 brand new tracks!!!
KA  04/16/2010          
Ramblin' Man EP
wow...5 songs on an EP, 2 of them remakes, another Cory Morrow failure .
KB  04/13/2010          
Ramblin' Man EP
Sux!!!!! Too many white lines I suppose!
Alamoavenger  04/10/2010          
Ramblin' Man EP
Great CD.
Just say no  04/08/2010          
Ramblin' Man EP
Worst CD yet from Cory (and thats saying a lot). Wow, has this guy fallen out of favor. Now recording for Apex NASHVILLE, and it sounds like it. I'll pass.

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