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pete  05/20/2008          
Live At Billy Bob's
andy, if you don't like the new stuff than go write cannonball a bad review. but live at billy bob's is an awesome CD and a great example of pat in his early days, no reason to bash it.
andy  03/18/2008          
Live At Billy Bob's
i remember when pat was just a plain guy who said he wrote a song about texas after playin washers. now he's got highlighted hair and blouses and women's jeans... garbage!!!
Capt Hamel  02/15/2005          
Live At Billy Bob's
This album was the first PG album I ever heard. WOW! Great album. It went to Iraq with me. Listened to it everyday. Still listen to it every week. Hell, Those damn Rag heads even got a taste of Texas! Thanks Pat. Love the album.
hjeepxj  09/17/2003          
Live At Billy Bob's
This is one of the best albums I own! Pat Green rules!
Chris Avary  07/28/2000          
Live At Billy Bob's
Pat is one of the greatest musicians and singers around. His albums rock. Keep the Texas music alive!
Matt   07/26/2000          
Live At Billy Bob's
this album rocks. if you are looking for hard country that isn't so twangy, this is great stuff. pat is awesome.

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