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scott  10/07/2009          
Highway 377
Carney is of course the debut cd. Highway 377, purple and soul gravy, are by far the best albums. Live at the wormy dog is the CCR old timers love. Everything since Garbage has not been of the same quality. So like usual i'll go to another concert and bang my head against the wall, because Cody forgot us. Miss ya big mike if you ever read these. Whooop!!
jwspiess2010  04/27/2009          
Highway 377
This is the debut cd, check the date. Also, the cd is badass.
Info  03/08/2005          
Highway 377
Hey Wally Koch, the debut album by this band is called Carney. If you like them as well as you say, then you will enjoy the cd. But be warned, it's not the caliber of all the other CCR cd's you have listened to before. Give it a try though.
wally_koch  03/08/2005          
Highway 377
Highway 377 WOW. This is one of hte best debut CD's by any group ever. I love how these guys write about reallife situations there music comes from the heart and that is what makes these guys so kick ass.
Ronnie  05/04/2004          
Highway 377
For a starter album what can you say but wow!! At least 8 great songs. CCR is the best.
Amy  04/20/2002          
Highway 377
awesome album! i love cross canadian ragweed! wooohooo! we went to see them in north carolina and they rock!
pls4912  04/09/2002          
Highway 377
Bad ass music!!!! go AGR's
Smokey  02/04/2002          
Highway 377
Rando T just does't know what good music is when he hears it. I think you need to go bury yourself and do us all a favor. CCR rocks and if you don't like it you can kiss my ass.
RandoT  10/16/2001          
Highway 377
Ya'll gettin boring!!!!!!!
garbo1298  07/15/2001          
Highway 377
these guys rock, if you get the chance go watch them,

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