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rattler  01/14/2014          
Daylight & Dark
In an era where rap/pop songs reign on Top 40 "Country" Radio, this is a refreshing look back at what made country music great before it turned sour. This album is amazing in every aspect. Listen to it song for song in order, and you will see an art that has long been forgotten. Jason Eady has put these songs into a story throughout this album. I wish there were more folks out there like Jason, but there aren't, because he is phenomenal.
W. Stacy Landers  12/12/2013          
Daylight & Dark
Jason does not disappoint in his latest CD. If you are a fan of traditional country music sung by one of the smoothest voices around, Daylight and Dark might just be the best CD you buy in all of 2014. This CD contains some of his best work to date and is the perfect follow-up to last year's very popular AM Country Heaven. No doubt this album will hover around the top of the Texas Country Music charts just like it's predecessor. A must-have for your CD collection. You will not be be disappointed!

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