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Hank III
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"You know the man's gonna make some crazy music. Anybody that don't get it, best be movin on". -Wayne Hancock, Bloodshot Records recording artist "Like every Hank in his family, Hank III has alot of Hank Sr. in him, a lot of Jr. in him and helluva lot of his own God given fire in him. He is as important to this generation of music lovers as his roots would predict. Hank III is a dose of Hard Core reality you won't find in today's candy assed country music." -Dale Watson, Koch Records recording artist "Hank Williams III is a true p-ro-fessional!! He's doing country music's dirty work by tellin' the shit-bird-pop-country-fuck-heads to suck it, and he's gettin' the word out of who you really should be listening to. I admire him for his ability to keep on the road as much as he does. The The road wears you down, but he just keeps on keepin' on." -Scott H. Biram, Austin Chronicle Musician of the Year 2003 Hank is one of the most honest and pure musicians I know. Everything he does is completely rooted in his genuine love of the music above all else. That's not as common as some might think. For him to carry on his family legacy so successfully, without compromising his individuality as an artist is absolutely amazing." -Mark Morton, guitarist, Lamb Of God "III is one of the most talented, down to earth people that anyone could ever know. He has the ability to either touch your soul with true oldschool country, or rip your fucking face off with his heavy stuff." -Jamie Moore, vocals, Demonseed.
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Average Rating : 4.4              Total Reviews: 65

Hank III  06/09/2010            
Vinny The Shark
Poop attitude? III is the only artist Vinny has ever seen that actually stays out onstage after his show and chats, takes pics, and signs autographs with each and every fan 'til the last fan is tended to. He doesn't go back to his bus to get stoned or drunk and then come out at his leisure. His country portion of his show is as real country as it gets. Great band too. III does things his way, yet is very appreciative and loyal to his fanbase. Sorry you don't care for his metal portion of his show and his shots at Kid Rock and Nashville.
Hank III  06/08/2010            
This guy sounds like a real piece of poop with a piece of poop attitude! I know you want your grandfather back in the opry, i get it but the way you are trying to carry on the legend of Hank is really lame
Hank III  03/18/2010            
Vinny The Shark
Tomorrow nite in Amarillo, Texas at Midnight Rodeo. That's right, you know it's gonna be badass. Former NFL player turned country musician, Kyle Turley is the opener. Vinny will be heading west on I-40 from OKC tomorrow morning. He will see you there!! Have a nice Assjack Day!!
Hank III  11/05/2009            
Vinny The Shark
This Saturday at the legendary Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa. III is one of the best in the business. Get out and see him.
Hank III  08/05/2009            
This album is awesome, I've been waiting awhile for his stuff like this to be released on a national level instead of just bootleg albums!
Hank III  01/07/2009            
Joseph Hamby
As a proud listener of all three Hanks. HankIII is on his way to becoming a legend of are time. Like his for fathers before him. His music hits a note in the soul of all good ol'boy in away that only his famliy can do. It's a good damn thing that he doesn't play that pop-country bullpoop that you hear all the scratchin time, because if he did piont-blank he would suck monkeyballz. As you listen to his music you can tell he is his on person and play his music his way. Thank God for that.
Hank III  10/30/2008            
In my opinion this is the best country album ever. I didn't even like country before this cd.
Hank III  10/28/2008            
It is an awesome cd can't take it out of the cd player REINSTATE HANK!!!!
Hank III  10/04/2008            
Please Mama send me to church tomorrow cause I just bought the Hank III collector's edition box set. What a sin! Somebody in the showbiz made a deal with the devil because this includes Hank III's first 3 Curb Record releases- Lovesick, Risin' Outlaw, & Straight to Hell. Over 40 songs! DAMN RIGHT REBEL PROUD was to be released last fall and STILL hasn't come out after a long year of waiting. I guess the box set is Mike Curb's appology for keepin' all those new tunes to himself. If you like country when it rocks, get your big tattoos and your cowboy boots over here and listen to Hank III with me! I love the song Lonesome for You and had to laugh outloud to the lyrics of Dick in Dixie.
Hank III  08/24/2008            
I got this CD and have listened to it almost everyday since. It is by far the best Hank III album out. Keeps me company when i'm all alone on the scooter in the middle of nowhere.
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