Houston Marchman

Houston Marchman
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Houston Marchman is as Texas country as they come. That means he's lived it and he's got the poetry and the musicianship to tell it in a song -- a song that takes you with him to the heart of his experience. A lot of his growing up years were spent on his father's ranch in Meridian, Texas, and it was there that he soaked up the sounds, sights, and stories of ranch hands, small - town folk, rodeo riders, truckers, Mexicans, sweethearts, and broken hearts that come with the territory. By the time he was 16 his songs began to emerge, and he has been writing and singing ever since. One of his first professional gigs was performing in a wild west show -- as a bronc rider and singer. While touring Japan, Houston gathered enough material for road and rodeo songs to last a lifetime. Marchman followed up his rodeoing with 6 years in Nashville, writing and performing, and scraping by. The title song of his first CD, VietNashville, pretty much tells that story, like Steve Earle, Robert Earl Keen, Joe Ely, Lucinda Williams, and plenty of other talented singer - song writers, Marchman just doesn't fit into the Nashville country music mold. His sound is unapologetically "Texan." Now that he is back where he belongs, Marchman is performing all over north Texas backed by a hot group of players called the Contraband. The result is a hybrid sound that says something different in a world of formula, commercially driven music. This band delivers country music that packs the punch of rock, while it carries on the tradition of Texas Folk, conjunto, polka, and blues.
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Average Rating : 4.7              Total Reviews: 73

Houston Marchman  02/05/2013            
Music Maverick
Solid - Houston is a solid musician, solid singer, solid performer. Not necessarily "flashy" but authentic, genuine, solid. Pure enjoyment
Houston Marchman  07/19/2011            
TX Music Jim
Most underrated person on the Texas music scene. He has for many years put out consistently brillant material nad has always been a top tier live performer and maybe one of the best lyricist of all time. It is a crime he has not been more succesful his music should be heard by the widest audience possible.
Houston Marchman  12/14/2010            
He is one of my favorites, and I've seen him live on several occasions. I gave up on him after I went to two seperate shows, just to find out he had canceled! I'm not much on driving distances to see someone, just to find out he canceled once I got there!
Houston Marchman  09/07/2009            
New to this site. My previous review is of Long Gone.
Houston Marchman  09/07/2009            
I'd never heard of Mr. Marchman. Was blessed to hear this CD yesterday. One of the best CDs I've heard in a long time. Not surprised Nashville didn't do much with him. He reminds me of early Springsteen. Great voice. Great stories. Oh, and the blues...been there, been there.
Houston Marchman  07/22/2009            
Mac Daddy
Two words for this CD; NOT GOOD. As a fan of Houston's this is not even close to his best work. Do yourself a favor and just stick with his last CD. "Naked".
Houston Marchman  06/25/2008            
Huke Green
When I saw that Houston was coming out with a 'best of', I thought it would be something I could skip because I have all his Albums, and 'Best of's' are usually compolations of past Albums. But I checked it out anyhow and am glad I did. They are all new recordings of Houston's best work, they are stripped of all the production and are in the purest of forms, which allows them to shine even brighter than before. This is a must have Album for me, and one everyone should give a listen to.
Houston Marchman  01/13/2008            
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Houston Marchman  11/15/2006            
This is by far Houston's best album. There is not a single song on here that I don't like. I have to agree with Houston when he stated that he'd gotten it all together on this CD.
Houston Marchman  10/20/2006            
south texas stump jumper
I saw Houston at Cooper's private party outside of Fowlerton, TX and I've got to say that he truly believes in his music and that is what makes him one of the most unique and real artists out there. Much respect Houston, and keep doin what your doin. Need to come to Uvalde and play.
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