Rodney Hayden

Rodney Hayden
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Rodney Hayden exists on traditional country music with each breath he draws. Listening and watching his performance makes one feel like a recent breeze transported Rodney from some unseen country music other world reserved only for true believers. Rodney's roots are deep in south Texas and his singing confesses a love and knowledge of performers one would have heard in the dusty years before man took his one small step onto the moon. At twenty Rodney is brimful with an abundance of talent and instinct for delivering the real thing to his audience. With his appreciation for his predecessors and innate desire to carry on Rodney is both a prolific writer and connoisseur of present day songwriters. Rodney's shows include material by Steve Earle, Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Chip Taylor, Kris Kristofferson, Wayne Hancock and Billy Joe Shaver. His delivery is clean and confident. Rodney Hayden has gathered together the necessities for a long journey - lyrics, confidence, ability, and desire. He has attracted the attention of the long-time musicphiles through his own shows across Texas and is gaining a wider popularity while sharing the stage with legendary music makers such as Junior Brown, Ricky Skaggs, Charlie Robison, Hank Williams III, Johnny Bush, Chris LeDoux and Robert Earl Keen. As San Antonio's own music archivist and country music critic, Wiley Alexander says, "Rodney Hayden has more than singing talent - he has the charisma of country great Hank Williams. He's here to stay."

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09/05/2007 - Hayden puts Nashville in rearview mirror - Read More
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Average Rating : 4.8              Total Reviews: 43

Rodney Hayden  10/04/2011            
Great Album!! Love the old cowboy songs!!!
Rodney Hayden  07/30/2011            
Even if he's my cousin, I think his voice is fantastic. Keep up the good work, Rodney!
Rodney Hayden  05/05/2010            
Rodney is a class act - can't wait to get this record - he is a modern day troubadour - and his voice is reminiscent of great TX legends...give him some time and he will be one too!
Rodney Hayden  04/20/2010            
Craig Dunlap
The next Texan legend. Listen and you will see. Hey George Strait bring him to the big show.
Rodney Hayden  02/18/2009            
Stanton Morse
This guy has been a sleeper for a while.... his music is bad ass and he deserves his ticket to the show... he has command on the stage and is a great entertainer. Listen to his stuff and you'll like it... I'll bet you see what I see... which is real good music.
Rodney Hayden  09/21/2008            
j taylor
After seeing his performance at Medina county fair sat nite I had a chance to get my cd sighned, He was so humble and kind He truly is a real gentleman and his songs show it, I told him he was my new favorite and I cant wait to see him again, I hope next time hes the big ticket he deserves to be ,
Rodney Hayden  03/04/2008            
Jon Eric
I really love this guys music.
Rodney Hayden  01/21/2008            
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Rodney Hayden  05/02/2007            
I think this album rocks!!! It has been stuck in my cd player since I got it. Worth the money!!
Rodney Hayden  05/02/2007            
In my opinion this is Rodney Hayden's best album. The song writing is amazing and the production rivials the previous two. I dont see how anyone who is a fan of good music could turn down this album. It is creative and stands out among the millions of Texas acts surfacing today. My only critisim: not enough songs.
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