Britt Lloyd Band

Britt Lloyd Band
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Rockin' Faces off since 2003. Listen to the tunes and decide for yourself. For full bio and schedule visit "I don't write and produce songs so people will like them, I do it so people will listen" - BL
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Britt Lloyd Band  08/05/2008            
heard a couple tracks so far....this cd will blow you away! Holy crap this is good s#*%!
Britt Lloyd Band  06/13/2008            
I've heard the cd and its beyond amazing. Better than the last you ask? bet your sweet aunt cherry's apple pie it is. Is he better live or on cd....the answer is both. Yeah really. Booyakasha
Britt Lloyd Band  06/06/2008            
This CD is reeeaaaaally good. I promise.... Best thing since Ritz crackers.... Buy it!
Britt Lloyd Band  02/21/2008            
Awesome band, can't wait for the new cd!
Britt Lloyd Band  01/07/2008            
This CD ROCKS!!!
Britt Lloyd Band  08/07/2007            
Britt Lloyd Band  06/25/2007            
Great sound, songwriting and attitude. Look out for these guys! The world will soon know.
Britt Lloyd Band  05/14/2007            
this cd is really bad*ss. i've never seen a debut album as good as this one by any band ever. it's one of those cd's u just throw in the cd player while u and ur buddies are drinkin' and u don't ever have to worry about changin' the track. just let it play through. if tblb keeps makin records like this, they'll go far.
Britt Lloyd Band  03/28/2007            
aces over eights
These guys kick serious a$$. Good friends of Wright remedy who should be on this site very soon.
Britt Lloyd Band  03/09/2007            
I love these guys!!!
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