Britt Lloyd Band

Britt Lloyd Band
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Rockin' Faces off since 2003. Listen to the tunes and decide for yourself. For full bio and schedule visit "I don't write and produce songs so people will like them, I do it so people will listen" - BL
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Britt Lloyd Band  01/18/2007            
2 thumbs up...
Britt Lloyd Band  12/29/2006            
marco polo
Kicks ass. Kind of like a more macho version of Honeybrowne.
Britt Lloyd Band  12/12/2006            
Bought the CD out at Lone Star Music last weekend. It is quite honestly the best CD I've bought in a long, long time. The thing rocks from track 1 til the end. If you like Reckless Kelly, Micky, and Cross Canadian you'll love The Britt Lloyd Band.
Britt Lloyd Band  11/20/2006            
Bad-ass guitar tone. Never mind Texas country, this is a rock album for Texans by Texans.
Britt Lloyd Band  09/06/2006            
Saw these guys in College Station and they rocked! Bought the cd and it's amazing, especially for a debut album! Kicks all the way through, good job guys and see you at the next show!
Britt Lloyd Band  06/02/2006            
If I was a man and I had a son, I would want him to be just like the Britt Lloyd band.
Britt Lloyd Band  04/19/2006            
Nothing short of freaking AMAZING ~ This CD kicks major ass!! I completely recommend this CD if you like to rock out. It's extremely hard to name just one favorite tune, because the cd is full of great tracks. I've had this CD for over two months, and I still don't think it's left my cd player. The BLB Rocks ~ and put on one hell of a show!
Britt Lloyd Band  04/08/2006            
I agree that there's room for improvement, but who doesn't have that? These guys are different and going somewhere cuz they play their type of music and don't care about following a line it seems. Good for you, keep on rockin' and doing your thing. CD is awesome!
Britt Lloyd Band  03/29/2006            
Matt Matthews
These boys are sincere in their efforts. With a little more seasoning they will go far. They are rough around the edges, but they've got attitude. The only reason they get 4 stars and not 5 is because I never give 5...unless its John Prine, Tom Waits, Shaver, or Pat Green. Give it a little time. I bet their next album might pull 5!
Britt Lloyd Band  03/20/2006            
El Duderino
The BLB is like a bright and shining star in a far away galaxy that, when seeing it for the first time on a clear and moon-lit night, you can't take your eyes off of it and you begin to smile, knowing deep down inside that everything...EVERTYTHING will be alright. These boys helped me realize that real rock-n-roll Texas country is not dead! Deserves 10 stars, but I guess 5 will do!
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