Britt Lloyd Band

Britt Lloyd Band
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Rockin' Faces off since 2003. Listen to the tunes and decide for yourself. For full bio and schedule visit "I don't write and produce songs so people will like them, I do it so people will listen" - BL
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Britt Lloyd Band  03/06/2006            
This CD is great. Picked it up on a whim and do not regret it. The sound isnt exactly country, but still owes some a great deal to the reddirt scene. These guys rock and shouldnt be missed.
Britt Lloyd Band  03/03/2006            
A friend of mine (Ben Morris of Jeff and Ben) turned me on to your stuff. Wow! I bought your album having only heard it once, and it has not left my c.d. player since. You boys rock. Can't wait to see you next time you play Dallas! Kudos!
Britt Lloyd Band  02/28/2006            
Pecker Red
To the Band that "Never Hesitates to be Late" I have been jamming on your first CD for several months and thoroughly enjoy your classic approach aimed at the preservation of "Southern Rock". I couldn't help but notice that "Julie Again" wasn't on the new CD and just wanted to reverberate the fact; that tune f***ing rocks, so if you put together tunes that you think are better than that, your new CD sure as h**l should rock. Good luck and can't wait to catch you live again soon........I assume the door guy won't be handing out CD's for free any longer and apologizing because they only have 5 songs or that half of the 10 songs are live versions, but that's okay.
Britt Lloyd Band  02/23/2006            
The Dude
Your CD rocks! Congrats on the future success your band will endure. I'll see you at the show with my Argyle sweater on.
Britt Lloyd Band  02/20/2006            
El disco compacto de Britt Lloyd Band es muy guapo! Mi favorito!
Britt Lloyd Band  02/18/2006            
Bad-ass job on the cd guys, it is one of a kind. Also love the live show, ya'll just flat out rock!
Britt Lloyd Band  02/12/2006            
BLB is rockin! UnLabeled is by far the best cd this band has put out, which shows that they are only getting bigger and better. Everyone should own this CD.
Britt Lloyd Band  02/09/2006            
Their music is awesome. I love the shows. Can't wait to see them in C.S. again. Oh yeah the rhythm guitar player, Jordan, is a hottie!
Britt Lloyd Band  02/05/2006            
Ben Morris
The new album is pretty darn good. Keep up the good work!
Britt Lloyd Band  02/05/2006            
This is an awsome CD, The Britt Lloyd Band has a new unique sound that is going to change the way people listen to music. The first song with it's hard driving bass and drum track kicks it off. The song lyrics are what you need to listen to as I found they relate to my own life. There is also a hidden track at the end. I would highly recommend to purchase this CD. Allen
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