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Adam Carroll
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ADAM CARROLL Singer/Songwriter Tyler, TX; 1975 - ADAM CARROLL joins the short list of down-home storytellers taking events of ordinary lives and turning them into deeply moving, often humorous songs. Though he's kept a low profile, his past three records have earned him critical acclaim throughout the world. “The core of what I do is songwriting; it's the one thing I'm passionate about. It's the most fulfilling and challenging job I can imagine." From his first studio record, South of Town, through Far Away Blues, to his latest release, OLD TOWN ROCK N ROLL, the quality of Adam Carroll’s songwriting never wavers. Adam Carroll is one of those songwriters with a rare command of the English language as well as an amazing sense of melody. It's little surprise that he's earned enviable comparisons to the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Todd Snider, John Prine, and even Bob Dylan. Like those songwriters, Carroll uses ironic (but heartfelt) humor to leaven his sometimes personal, usually emotional, and always poignant observations. His upcoming record, Old Town Rock N Roll, hits the shelves in the spring of 2008, and is an intimate tapestry of life on (and off) the road. "Life can be screwed up," Carroll explaines. "And while I'm not a zippity do dah kind of guy, when I write a song, there's always a kind of redemption in it. I don't know if I have a brighter outlook than anybody else - I get driven crazy by some stuff - but laughing, even when things aren't really funny, keeps me going." Adam Carroll begins his international tour to support Old Town Rock N Roll in May.
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Adam Carroll  09/10/2002            
Adam Carroll  08/30/2002            
Big John--Texas
This album is simply a great live version of his two prior studio albums..It takes the best songs of the two, and blends them into 50 minutes of East Texas heart and soul.. Starting with the powerful cover of Bob Dylans "Red Bandana Blues", and ending with the tale of an old family friend, "Mr Errols Song".. With just his guitar and his voice, Adam tells of the trial and wonder that he has experienced in his life.. Some songs are injected with humor, while others tug at the heart strings.. All show the true gift that this talented singer/songwriter has.. A fantastic CD, that everyone can relate to.. Purchase it, you will not be disappointed..
Adam Carroll  08/20/2002            
adam carroll is simply one of the most authentic and sincere people i have had the oppurtunity to meet. i have had the wonderful experience of performing with him a few times and his lyrical rhythm and play on words leaves us all with something to strive for. i would recommend anything to anybody that has his name on it. they are simply works of art.
Adam Carroll  06/29/2002            
FMC Rating: Dylan Fans Only
If you hate Bob Dylan, you are going to Hate Adam Carroll. Not to say that they sound anywhere alike. It is just to say that I think they look at the world in the same manner. It is with a dry and saterial (sp?) wit that they compose their songs. AC simply has been kicked up a notch with a pinch of some "essence of Texas." More than half the things he sings about you will sit there with a knowing grin on your face and think to yourself, I didn't know he was around when I did that. His records are like little oral histories of the past 20 years drunk on some find shiner bock beer. Good for rainy afternoons, when you just want to feel good.
Adam Carroll  04/26/2002            
Adam Carroll has an amazing voice and has a unique sense of musical style that makes his work outstanding. I would recommend his CD's to anyone. His lyrics are personal and his guitar picking is great. Buy his music!
Adam Carroll  04/17/2002            
J. B.
I've been catching Adam whenever I can around Austin, San Marcos, and New Braunfels. All I can say is as a guy who picks, sings, and writes, I am truly jealous of the talent this young man brings with him. As a native East Texan it makes feel proud to think that someone might identify Texas with someone like Adam. He is the genuine Texas article. Kind of like a Pineywoods Dylan except you can understand what he is saying. I expect we'll be hearing a lot more from Adam. Go see him! Buy his CD's!
Adam Carroll  02/19/2002            
Smokey Wilson
Come on Guys, Adam Carrol is a hoot!! I don't think it is fair for "Chevy Man's" more than one comment-review to be counted in reviewing Adam's work. I am a singer-Songwriter and I know I am not as good a song writer as Adam. But then again "Good" is relative. I have enjoyed his music ever since he came on the scene and look forward to him in the future. I may even catch him at Cheatum Street again. So lighten up. This is Texas and we all do it a little different here, that is why the world is so taken with our music and Nashville calls us "Outlaws". Keep up the good work Adam.
Adam Carroll  01/25/2002            
This guy is absolutely amazing!
Adam Carroll  12/27/2001            
I own both "South of Town" and "Looking out the Screen Door". I strongly recommend them both to anyone who loves lyrical stories. Adam is like a best of best of Tom T Hall - every song nails a lyric picture laced with humor. Adam is one of the few songwritters who holds his own with James McMurtry. Adam and master producer Lloyd Maines keep both of these CDs low keyed music, high keyed enjoyment.
Adam Carroll  11/29/2001            
Look for a new CD from Adam at the first of the year. A live CD recorded at Cheatham Street Warehouse a few weeks back.
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