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Adam Carroll
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ADAM CARROLL Singer/Songwriter Tyler, TX; 1975 - ADAM CARROLL joins the short list of down-home storytellers taking events of ordinary lives and turning them into deeply moving, often humorous songs. Though he's kept a low profile, his past three records have earned him critical acclaim throughout the world. “The core of what I do is songwriting; it's the one thing I'm passionate about. It's the most fulfilling and challenging job I can imagine." From his first studio record, South of Town, through Far Away Blues, to his latest release, OLD TOWN ROCK N ROLL, the quality of Adam Carroll’s songwriting never wavers. Adam Carroll is one of those songwriters with a rare command of the English language as well as an amazing sense of melody. It's little surprise that he's earned enviable comparisons to the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Todd Snider, John Prine, and even Bob Dylan. Like those songwriters, Carroll uses ironic (but heartfelt) humor to leaven his sometimes personal, usually emotional, and always poignant observations. His upcoming record, Old Town Rock N Roll, hits the shelves in the spring of 2008, and is an intimate tapestry of life on (and off) the road. "Life can be screwed up," Carroll explaines. "And while I'm not a zippity do dah kind of guy, when I write a song, there's always a kind of redemption in it. I don't know if I have a brighter outlook than anybody else - I get driven crazy by some stuff - but laughing, even when things aren't really funny, keeps me going." Adam Carroll begins his international tour to support Old Town Rock N Roll in May.
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Adam Carroll  06/23/2001            
Seth Alford
The man is obviously a great songwriter/story teller. But I wish he had a band playing in the CD. The solo thing is cool but I think I'd rather hear an his songs played live. I hope be able to see him this summer and experince his at a live show.
Adam Carroll  06/13/2001            
It would be six stars if you had that option. I honestly dont see how you can compare all the the artist from Texas and say they are all REK clones. They all sound similar because they write about what they have experienced and being that there all from Texas they are all going to have similar backgrounds. Each of them have there strong points, and when it comes to song writing I have to rank ADAM CARROLL at the top of my list. He is also an extremely nice guy. His song writing is as original as a persons personality. His songs keep you waiting to hear what he is going to say next. He makes you want to listen, and he can aproach subjects that other people would just sound stupid singing about. He writes what he feels and it doesn't matter if everyone likes it. I personally think there are few artist anymore who write music and dont care if it appeals to the general population. I may sound a little bit selfish, but there are artist that I hope never get big. I enjoy going to the local bars and sitting down and hearing Adam sing about "Fortune Teller Eye's" and "Cole." I hear his songs and I can see the characters, alomost like a movie playing in my mind. He has a rare combination of fiction and non-fiction in his songs that just seem to blend together to tell a story. I cant wait till the next album. [email protected]
Adam Carroll  06/06/2001            
Chris from H-Town
Saw Adam last night. Probably one of the greatest shows I've ever seen! Adam, his guitar, harmonica. Great live show, excellent writer, helluva nice guy! Don't miss Adam Carroll, you'll regret it
Adam Carroll  05/31/2001            
Lois Wittenberg
Adam entranced us royally at a family reunion-----and this was WAY before his first album. It may be a little family pride, but even though I'm 80, and a singer mhyself, I still love to hear his music.------Adam's great Aunt, Lois Wittenberg
Adam Carroll  05/24/2001            
hey adam....comeon up this kansas city way and i for one will love you for it!!! i've started with screen door and then went onto the bubblegum cd.....i like your first more than the second but i enjoy all your songs. i took interest in you when i read that slaid cleaves had your cd in his 5 disc changer, haven't disappointed bro. i also, being a giant john prine fan, took interest after i read the comparisons. you're fresh and funny, my wife hates your voice, but i think anyone who can put a twist and smile on things the way you do deserves more recognition. keep it up!! itchin' to buy your third cd soon!!!
Adam Carroll  05/17/2001            
Alright now come are you even gonna think about saying that corey morrow is a better sang writer than townes or ray willey or terry allen, i mean he is a singing beer ad. and pat i mean he does sell alot of cd's but i didnt know that they started the cloning process w\ robert earl keen. anyways adam's lyrics are the funniest, most profound and intelligent that ive heard, and the simple instrumental on screen door is to showcase his songwriting tallent, or that is what music guru and producer lloyd maines said. i give screen door all the stars it can get.
Adam Carroll  05/15/2001            
Actually 3 and one half, I just listened to Lookin' Out the Screen Door by Adam Carroll again and I'll admit it is better than I remembered. Also I do listen to other "Lonestars" such as Charlie Robison and Jack Ingram, but I did not have them in my mind at the time because they are becoming more "Nashville" than Texas, and I still enjoy their music and they definitely rank at the top of my list. I would also like to add that I take back what I said about (in order of greatness), because I can't determine my opinion on who is better than who because there are so many great Texas Country singers and bands, so I do regret that. I also upped the reviews on Adam Carroll's cd because of songs like: Race Car Joe, Amanda's song, and especially Rosemary's song, but I defintely would like to see Adam include more intrumental work on his cd's because he is a good songwriter, mind you not the best, and he has alot of talent, and I think he could become another great if there was more music.
Adam Carroll  05/15/2001            
I have to agree with Chevy man, because I think there is better, and that some of Adam's music is dry, but all in all, Adam is pretty damn talented.
Adam Carroll  05/15/2001            
Once again, I would like to say it is my opinion, I agree that Steve Earle is most likely better than Cory Morrow, but I just enjoy Cory's music more, so in my opinion Morrow is better. And while you may think, I just like party artists, this is not true because, I am from Texas, but I live in Virginia, and I don't get to see there shows unless I am visiting my sister or friends. And if I haven't been to Texas in a while, I would much rather pay to see Bleu Edmondson than Adam Carrol. I also did not say that Adam Carrol was not intelligent, I said that his music theory was not very rounded. Also I do like the lyrics of Adam Carrol, they're just not as good as some others, and intrumentally you do not get to connect to the music as well. I also think that Bleu Edmondson and Roger Creager have originals as good as their covers and possibly better. But as I was saying everyone is entitled to their opinions so I respect them, and maybe I'll try the first cd, or give Screen Door another chance.
Adam Carroll  05/15/2001            
Amy Herndon in SA
Chevy Man get a clue! Adam Carroll's two releases are some of the best to be released in the last decade. I guess you've hear all the hype because the media and music lovers both equally adore him. To say that he is not intelligent and talented shows true ignorance on your part. He can go head to head with ANY songwriter in Texas and hold his own as a vocalist. storyteller and guitarist. Maybe you need to quit comparing him to everyone else and listen to him with your thinking cap plugged in.
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