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Adam Carroll
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ADAM CARROLL Singer/Songwriter Tyler, TX; 1975 - ADAM CARROLL joins the short list of down-home storytellers taking events of ordinary lives and turning them into deeply moving, often humorous songs. Though he's kept a low profile, his past three records have earned him critical acclaim throughout the world. “The core of what I do is songwriting; it's the one thing I'm passionate about. It's the most fulfilling and challenging job I can imagine." From his first studio record, South of Town, through Far Away Blues, to his latest release, OLD TOWN ROCK N ROLL, the quality of Adam Carroll’s songwriting never wavers. Adam Carroll is one of those songwriters with a rare command of the English language as well as an amazing sense of melody. It's little surprise that he's earned enviable comparisons to the likes of Townes Van Zandt, Todd Snider, John Prine, and even Bob Dylan. Like those songwriters, Carroll uses ironic (but heartfelt) humor to leaven his sometimes personal, usually emotional, and always poignant observations. His upcoming record, Old Town Rock N Roll, hits the shelves in the spring of 2008, and is an intimate tapestry of life on (and off) the road. "Life can be screwed up," Carroll explaines. "And while I'm not a zippity do dah kind of guy, when I write a song, there's always a kind of redemption in it. I don't know if I have a brighter outlook than anybody else - I get driven crazy by some stuff - but laughing, even when things aren't really funny, keeps me going." Adam Carroll begins his international tour to support Old Town Rock N Roll in May.
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Adam Carroll  05/14/2001            
This review is in 2 parts Part 1: Adam is an incredible songwriter. His wry humor reminds me of none other than the great John Prine. He has the ability to turn a simple event (lets say buying a snowcone) into an emotional trip. Part 2: Chevyman... I can only assume you rate singer songwriters on their ability to be a party band. While most on your list I love and respect... bands like Bleu Edmonson and Roger Creager are average songwriters at best. They write in the standard cliches... and only shine when they are covering other artist material (aka: Roger"s version of "LA Freeway"). I will admit... both are fun to see and party with... I don't see how critical view of their songwriting ability places either above Steve Earle.
Adam Carroll  05/13/2001            
The Real McCoy
The Chevyman needs to get a clue. The list of artists he has is way off, sure Cory and Robert Earl are deserving but Roger Creager, Matt Powell and Dub Miller come on. Maybe it's that you are too conformed to traditional music to understand and appreciate Adam's music. Adam is a unique musical talent that comes along once in lifetime. Just imagine what the critics said about Bob Dylan when he first came out. If you are looking for something different and refreshing, purchase this CD. Rock on Chad, loved the comments.
Adam Carroll  05/12/2001            
Chad Raney - LSM Web Guru
Chevyman - I deleted you previous review because there was not much substance to your negative post. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion so post away. On your last post you stated the greatest Texas artists were (in order of greatness) Cory Morrow, Bleu Edmondson, Robert Earl Keen, Pat Green, Owen Temple, Jerry Jeff Walker, Roger Creager, Dub Miller, Matt Powell, Gary P Nunn, Steve Earle... I happen to respect and highly recommend all the above mentioned, but seriously... Cory Morrow is greater than Steve Earle??? I would hate to see where Ray Wylie Hubbard, Willis Alan Ramsey, Bruce Robison, Charlie Robison, Jack Ingram, Todd Snider, Slaid Cleaves, Townes Van Zandt, Terry Allen, Guy Clark, Billy Joe Shaver and many other great "Lone Stars" rank. Get real and get educated...
Adam Carroll  05/11/2001            
I put up a review about three days ago stating my opinion that this album, "The Screen Door" only deserves two stars. Now I don't know if it is because the person who is ahead of this site is obsessed with Adam Carrol, but I believe I am entitled to my opinion. Now once again I will say the lyrics that Adam Carrol writes are overrated and not nearly good as people make them seem. Another thing is intrumentally the cd is weak and Adam shows weakness in the area of music theory and intelligence, and the cd is not worth buying, if you don't already have many other artists. These artists include: (in order of greatness) Cory Morrow, Bleu Edmondson, Robert Earl Keen, Pat Green, Owen Temple, Jerry Jeff Walker, Roger Creager, Dub Miller, Matt Powell, Gary P Nunn, Steve Earle. And then there are bands you should look for too including: The Great Divide, Reckless Kelly and Cross Canadian Ragweed. There are probably many others i have forgotten to include, but this time I don't want my review cut off, and also nothing against Adam Carrol, because he is decent, but you should check out some of these artists first.
Adam Carroll  04/09/2001            
Matthew from San Angelo
Maybe the greatest singer/songwriter of the present college generation. With fanastic guitar licks, his trusty harmonica, and Prine-esque lyrics, Adam will be around for a while. He put on a show in Blaine's Pub in San Angelo along with Damon Bramblett and Cary Swinney, just the three of them and their guitars, it was probably the best concert Blaine has had. Keep it up Adam.
Adam Carroll  04/08/2001            
I can't say enough good things about this guy. He is a truly great songwriter and an awesome performer. His songs make me smile and make me dream.
Adam Carroll  04/05/2001            
Bing Canion
The next coming of Townes and Prine! To think that Adam is a product of the most musically deprived part of Texas--East Texas is amazing.
Adam Carroll  03/17/2001            
Adam Carroll is a great songwriter and puts on a really good show that I could see over and over. Be sure to watch for more new songs out of him.
Adam Carroll  03/14/2001            
Britni Cameron
A friend of mine got me to go see this cutie opening up for Terri about a month ago. I got on his web site to look at some pix, and there are none. Please give this to the person in charge of adding things to his site. He has two awesome Cds and a great website to go along with them, but there is no way to see him. The only picture in the site doesn't look like him at all, which is fine by me because I think he is adorable and he sings with his heart.
Adam Carroll  03/08/2001            
I saw this guy play about a month ago at Saengerhalle in New Braunfels in front of about 20 people, and he was still putting on quite a show. His playing is barely outdone by his writing. I never would have thought someone could make a song about Sno-Cones sound that good. I strongly recommend seeing him live if you get a chance. He has been driving all over Texas and Louisiana for the past couple of months in support of his new album.
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