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Hogg Maulies
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The Hogg Maulies are a band based out of Lubbock, TX and have played a distinct role in the Texas Music movement over the past years, especially so in the West Texas region.  Drawing from a number of different influences and experiences, as well as staying true to the appreciation of all genres of music, the band altogether has created a unique blend of sound and style that anyone can relate to.  The Hogg Maulies are releasing their long awaited, brand new full-length album, titled "August Rain," this summer of 2012, with Smith Music Group, and have previously released two other albums "Here To Stay," 2007, and "Live At The Blue Light," 2008, also with Smith. They have had the privilege of sharing the stage with acts such as Cory Morrow, Matt Martindale, Reckless Kelly, Brandon Rhyder, Josh Abbott, Aaron Watson, Wes Nickson, William Clark Green, Brandon Adams and the Sad Bastards, and many others!

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Average Rating : 4.9              Total Reviews: 43

Hogg Maulies  06/28/2009            
These guys are awesome. Great songwriting and man can that drummer jam. All they have to do now is Get Legs and the sky is the limit.
Hogg Maulies  01/05/2009            
Readly Available
Every time I've seen them play they have been GREAT. I have all their albums and listen to them all the time and just want to hear more. BRING IT ON HOGG MAULES
Hogg Maulies  06/24/2008            
The Hogg Maulies are an awesome band! I have seen them play many a times all around Texas, and I believe that they get much better each time I hear them play....The only negative thing that I have to say about them is that I think that the lead singer and the drummer need to dye that red hair to a different color!
Hogg Maulies  05/14/2008            
These guys are the nicest. Here to Stay is the best.
Hogg Maulies  04/05/2008            
Red Raider
Finally got to get a copy of this one. I listened to my buddies copy last week and had to have one. I know this group of guys personally and they are great people and deserve all of the fame they are now recieving in the Hub City. Great album guys and can't wait to get out to see you again. Keep your heads high and continue to climb.
Hogg Maulies  02/13/2008            
awsome new song by these guys.. its called your on your own tonight.. check it out.. give credit where credit is due
Hogg Maulies  12/21/2007            
Matt S.
awsome band!
Hogg Maulies  08/10/2007            
Ive heard a lot of talk about these hogg maulies. Next big thing or what?
Hogg Maulies  08/10/2007            
saw these guys in austin with wade bowen... very impressive.. i had heard of them before but was not expecting to have my socks rocked off.. both bands tore it up... best of luck to the hogg maulies, yall are a very talented group and you have many great things ahead of you..
Hogg Maulies  07/04/2007            
black bird
one of the tightest and best bands on the scene today
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