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Hogg Maulies
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The Hogg Maulies are a band based out of Lubbock, TX and have played a distinct role in the Texas Music movement over the past years, especially so in the West Texas region.  Drawing from a number of different influences and experiences, as well as staying true to the appreciation of all genres of music, the band altogether has created a unique blend of sound and style that anyone can relate to.  The Hogg Maulies are releasing their long awaited, brand new full-length album, titled "August Rain," this summer of 2012, with Smith Music Group, and have previously released two other albums "Here To Stay," 2007, and "Live At The Blue Light," 2008, also with Smith. They have had the privilege of sharing the stage with acts such as Cory Morrow, Matt Martindale, Reckless Kelly, Brandon Rhyder, Josh Abbott, Aaron Watson, Wes Nickson, William Clark Green, Brandon Adams and the Sad Bastards, and many others!

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Hogg Maulies  11/02/2005            
These guys kick ass! They'll be huge successes soon making tons of cash. Keep it up!
Hogg Maulies  10/28/2005            
These guys are the most promising act in the Texas music scene. They rock on their cd, but especially in concert. I heard they're coming out with a new cd.....can't hardly wait!
Hogg Maulies  10/17/2005            
WOW - You've got to see these guys live to really appreciate them. The CD is good, but it doesn't do any justice to their live show. They have lots of new songs that aren't on the CD that are going to take them places. Hopefully somebody is going to see them soon. There is no way these guys shouldn't be big before too long. I got to see them this weekend with Gary P. Nunn and they gave him a run for his money. Get out and see them ASAP.
Hogg Maulies  09/30/2005            
most underappreciated band in texas right now. you've gotta get out and see a live show when you get a chance.
Hogg Maulies  08/16/2005            
The band rocks. Saw some of them before they got together at a party and they rocked it. Now they are better than ever with own original tracks.
Hogg Maulies  07/19/2005            
Super Dave
This band is AWESOME... Good meaningful music and talented musicians. They are the best thing to hit Lubbock and West Texas since..............I don't know what! Keep it up guys! It ain't over till you're "Brooks, & Dunn" Keep it rolling.
Hogg Maulies  07/11/2005            
The Hogg Maulies are the next big hit in Texas. They have heart, talent and drive to make it in the music industry.
Hogg Maulies  07/07/2005            
a friend
i love watching this band as well as jaming to my cd. these boys are great and i hope to see all their dreams come true. so support a great true group of guys and by a cd. you will love it.
Hogg Maulies  07/06/2005            
What can i say thesse guys aer just awesome...they put on one hell of a show and their songs are great i just hope that they will make some more cds so i can buy them all.
Hogg Maulies  06/30/2005            
Four great guys making great music. What else could you ask for? Give them a try! You'll be glad you did, and will be rockin' to the music. I love you guys! Keep rockin'!
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