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Hogg Maulies
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The Hogg Maulies are a band based out of Lubbock, TX and have played a distinct role in the Texas Music movement over the past years, especially so in the West Texas region.  Drawing from a number of different influences and experiences, as well as staying true to the appreciation of all genres of music, the band altogether has created a unique blend of sound and style that anyone can relate to.  The Hogg Maulies are releasing their long awaited, brand new full-length album, titled "August Rain," this summer of 2012, with Smith Music Group, and have previously released two other albums "Here To Stay," 2007, and "Live At The Blue Light," 2008, also with Smith. They have had the privilege of sharing the stage with acts such as Cory Morrow, Matt Martindale, Reckless Kelly, Brandon Rhyder, Josh Abbott, Aaron Watson, Wes Nickson, William Clark Green, Brandon Adams and the Sad Bastards, and many others!

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Hogg Maulies  06/23/2007            
I had the chance to meet the lead singer a while back. At first, I only heard of them, but never heard their music. After he gave me the single "Goodnight," I was hooked.
Hogg Maulies  03/18/2007            
Real Critic
These guys all around have talent and as a band sound great. The roots of country music can be heard in their music. The guitar rifs could be a little more individualistic. However, I love the fiddle and the fiddle player in this band is good. For being on an independent record label I give this guys alot of credit, just think if you were all on Rich O'Toole's record label. Yall could be the "next big thing".
Hogg Maulies  03/16/2007            
these guys are bad ass.. check em out for sure..
Hogg Maulies  03/14/2007            
saw these guys at the rattlesnake round up in sweetwater this last weekend with wade bowen and all i can say is WOW!!! i never really payed much attention when people told me about them but they are damn near my favorite band now.. the singer has a very catchy voice and is probably one of the best in the texas music scene.. bass player was real good too... good things ahead for this young and talented group of musicians.. good luck to the hogg maulies
Hogg Maulies  01/05/2007            
big money coming for these guys.. i dont know them but ive been at quite a few of their shows and they rocked the house down... the lyrics are great and the music is awsome.. i had butterflys in my stomach the whole time i watched them and i never took my eyes off of the stage... as many concerts as i go to, that very rarley happens.. good luck to the hogg maulies and I strongly suggest going to see them.. that is if you like butterflys in your stomach like me.. you will not be wasting a dime whatsoever..
Hogg Maulies  12/06/2006            
Andrew Matthies from Rotan VFW
I love being around them I know them very well.they played at the Rotan VFW when I was there.I was the one who wanted to play the drums.I LOVE the Hogg Maulies music.I want to say Hi David
Hogg Maulies  11/25/2006            
They are an awesome band and I love there music. They are cool to be around too. The music and performances are the ones you don't want to miss. I love the music and am so glad that I meet them and got the priviledge to hear their music. Like I said they are AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Hogg Maulies  11/15/2006            
These guys are badass!!
Hogg Maulies  11/15/2006            
Texasgirl does not appreciate music... these guys are awsome.. they are a young energetic band who puts on a great show every time i watch them.. they are the next big thing in the tx music scene.. no doubt.. the songs are well written and the music is just as good.. I do not see how Texasgirl could say somthing like that about a band that is totaly opposite of how she explained them..
Hogg Maulies  11/01/2006            
I love the sound and energy from thier shows, and its there everytime i see them play. They keep getting better and better and are very close to blowing it up big time.
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