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jwspiess2010  04/27/2009          
Like It Used To Be
It was interesting to hear the band without half the current members. Regardless of not having Brady Black on board, the music is good, especially Tommy Jackson, Lost & Found, and Company You Keep
Tina  08/17/2006          
Like It Used To Be
just can't get any better than this.
MT outlaw  08/02/2006          
Like It Used To Be
Hands and feet down the best country cd out right now.Live at BBT is the greatest. Thanks for the gary stewart cover better than the original. RRB thank you for making beautiful music. BUY These CD's you wont regret it.
waldo weine weine  06/01/2006          
Like It Used To Be
Great music from the next Texas superstar!!!
Mark  04/19/2005          
Like It Used To Be
It's hard to find an album that every song is good, but this is the one!
Heather  03/03/2005          
Like It Used To Be
i love this album
Kelsea  01/14/2005          
Like It Used To Be
I love this cd. I never thought that I would ever like country like this, but when my boyfriend put it in i fell in love w/ it! This is a MUST HAVE!!
Kyle  01/07/2005          
Like It Used To Be
This is a great cd. I bought the cd for a few songs and after listening to it I then loved all the songs. This is a must have.
Kyle Paulsen   08/06/2004          
Like It Used To Be
this cd never leaves my cd player for longer than a day. It is great!
Ronnie  05/04/2004          
Like It Used To Be
Pretty Good. I would like more of the upbeat songs.


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