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tracy  04/12/2008          
Put The O Back In Country
shooter is the f***in boss. his mx always makes me feel better. it's down home and kicks it. he also looks like he has a big package. toby keith is hot too. and johnny depp. i must need to get l**d.
country cowfreek  03/01/2007          
Put The O Back In Country
really , I didnt know who this guy was, heard 4th of july on RFT, what a sound, there is something here unique, needs to dump the little boy drugs drunk chicks stuff,
ok2step  07/20/2006          
Put The O Back In Country
WORTH WAY MORE THAN 5 STARS********** If I didn't already have a copy of Put THE O BACK IN C UNTRY, I would buy one just based on this website's sample of Daddy's Farm. Their sampler makes that song sound even tuffer and meaner than it really is and it's by far the roughest one he's got. My advice is click on the best seller page from 2005 at this website and see if you don't agree with me. And if you ever get the chance to see him live in concert as a headliner: MAN TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY. You'll think all your prayers have been answered!!!!!
Cossie  04/11/2006          
Put The O Back In Country
Absolutely love "4th Of July" - and I'm Aussie, where that date means nothing. This song seems heartfelt, natural and honest. The rest of the CD seems all too try-hard rebel, name dropping. Like a producer heard the first single and told Shooter he's got till Friday to come up with another 11 songs to make an album - throw in some drugs, love and some driving! Disappointing as a whole but '4th Of July' is an absolute gem - maybe he needs more time to be Shooter...
MikeMc - Houston  03/22/2006          
Put The O Back In Country
OMFG! Just finished listening to the whole CD "Put The 'O' Back In Country"......great blend of soul, country, rock and blues. It is rare to find a CD good enough to just put in the player and hit play! Can't wait to get "Electric Rodeo" - just in time to see Shooter at the Meridian on 4/5! Can't wait to see him live!! Highly recommed this CD for any fan of music...not just country music fan!!
Country Girl  03/16/2006          
Put The O Back In Country
WOW, what can I say? 4th of July just sums it up. I haven't heard a better written song and a better performed song. I went to his concert on February 25th at the Shrine Mosque in Springfield, MO and only came to see him. I know Dierks Bentley was performing also, but I literally just came to see him. I loved his performance. That 4th of July song is very special to my heart. I actually saw his music video for it and fell in love with him and the song. He adds his own personal style to the lyrics and his voice is to die for. I introduced it to my sister and we both fell in love with it. She went away to college this year and everytime I listen to it, I think of her and remember all the times we, sisters, have loved, laughed, and shared with our COUNTRY music! My idol has always been Garth Brooks, [stills is:)!]but Shooter added a different style of country music and reminds me of what I am. I rock out with friends and actusally my aunt, and I still love listening to Garth Brooks, Waylon Jennings, JOHNNY CASH, and others, but I definitely will never stop loving Shooter. I actaully think he's hot, but you know, the music is what's important here! :)
Sarah, Louisville KY  07/01/2005          
Put The O Back In Country
A descent CD. I respect the job Shooter did on this CD. I like a lot of it, but some I don't like it, and that's okay. I do not buy a CD expecting to like every song on it. I know what I like and that's that. I do like Shooters songwriting and I think a couple songs might sound better if he adapted the key more to his voice. His voice just isn't as deep as his dad's and I think he needs to find a key more comfortable for him on a some of the songs. But, honestly, I was afraid I'd get the CD for 4th of July and not like anything else, but I was wrong, there are several good songs, and I love Southern Comfort. It's not a CD for everyone, but I think everyone could find at least 1 song on the CD that is for them! I look forward to more CD's from Shooter in the future.
Casey Beasley  05/23/2005          
Put The O Back In Country
My husband turned me on to this CD. I went straight out and snatched it from his truck! I listen to it on the way to work, at work, and on the way home from work. I love the entire CD. The 4th of July is a special time in our lives, and this song describes us headed up to Gatlinburg every 4th of July. My husband is aware that if he and I should divorce that I am coming after Shooter! So look out. Email me if you should read this [email protected]
Tsowdsun  03/22/2005          
Put The O Back In Country
What a sound. The lyrics and guitar in "Sweet Savannah" sounds like he was bleeding on that track and will give you the chills while "Steady at the Wheel" which comes right behind it will have your foot pounding and head bobbing not thinking that the two could be on the same album or by the same artist. But that is what makes the album so great, the R-n-R that runs through it and the grounded Country roots. Waylon would be proud.
Seth Hodes  03/14/2005          
Put The O Back In Country
Decent - not a "wower." You can hear sounds reminiscent of other artists, like John Mellencamp, Kid Rock (doing his wanna-be country stuff), etc. Nothing very original, but an okay CD to add to your collection.

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