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Kirk  06/26/2008          
Red Dirt Album
I agree totally,Stoney is a great songwriter and performer,but come on with the new album. It has been almost three years since the Red Dirt Album. Hope to hear news very soon about a new one. His website shows no new dates after the CCR cruise,what's up with that?
Brandi  06/10/2008          
Red Dirt Album
Belive you me if you saw this band live... u would have a totally different opinion of this awesome band!!! love his voice and the songs are original which is kinda new since some (not all) of new artists today are singing someone else's music... belive you me go to a concert and they will bring the house down! they're the best!
ck  11/09/2007          
Red Dirt Album
Love it!
George Bush  04/30/2007          
Red Dirt Album
This album is over-produced. The drum tone isn't very good either. Not only those things, but it seems pretty pretentious for someone to say that an album is THE album of a specific genre, espescially when less than half of the songs on the album weren't written by the artist putting it out. All in all this album gets a "BOO!"
cool  01/27/2007          
Red Dirt Album
I like it. his voice reminds me of cody canada except he controls his a lot better. 4 year olds also jam to the wiggles and none of us here think they are any good
m.galloway  12/10/2006          
Red Dirt Album
this is it.this genre's best yet. this will be recognize as the Rosetta stone of red dirt. all albums from here out shall be compared to this. the standard. it been over a year since its release and it's magnitude is evident. will it ever be topped? McClure maybe, bowen or foster possibly, ccr, reckless, micky&mocos, marchman, snider, ryder, boland and carroll. they all have this new level to shoot for.good luck guys.
Rick in Bulverde  08/16/2006          
Red Dirt Album
Needs 6 Stars. Even my 4 yr old daughter jams with me to it.
jakoby  04/16/2006          
Red Dirt Album
WOW the new cd is amazing. its not like anything ive ever heard. stoney's voice gets down deep in your soul.
Shawn Stovall  04/05/2006          
Red Dirt Album
I love it! Every song has you singin along, from Down in Flames to one of my personal favorites, Idabel Blues, (I'm an Okie); you can't go wrong buyin this one!
Brien  02/24/2006          
Red Dirt Album
Stoney's best stuff is live, but the cd is great.. very very talented person

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