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The Rave  02/15/2009          
Vagrants & Kings
This is a good album and all definetly worth a listen, but is it just me or does he sound a lot like Wade Bowen?
me  08/12/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
poop just had to try it
Madcow  07/28/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
Guys this is a good album, Through and Through its a good listen.
t  07/27/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
that's funny if you write sh*t in a comment it comes out as poop.
Texas11  07/27/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
You guys should do a tribute to Tom Russell at Steamboat this year. I saw him in new Mexico last night and he truly is the poop.
SPage  07/26/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
Vagrants and Vagabonds is a terrable new directon for Cory. All the music is more like acid rock. The lyrics are unintelegable and are not inspired. There is no music like Texas Time Travelin, Sunday Drive, or Angela. I will listen to the next album before purchasing. Hopefully it will return to his earlier style of great lyrics and texas country music.
ryan andrew   06/24/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
first of all workman... cory morrow never played red dirt music ... his music was born and bread in austin .... just let cory do his thing ....
Waldo  06/06/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
GREAT CD!!!! Those of you that thought it sucked don't know a thing about music! Cory keeps getting better his music continues to grow and develope like all great artists do. GOOB JOB CORY KEEP IT UP!!!
workman  06/05/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
terrible. song 3 almost made me throw the autographed cd out the window. i want my $15 back and cory morrow to start playing red dirt again
me  06/03/2008          
Vagrants & Kings
i dont think jimbo listened enough...this is great. wake up jim bob

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