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ken harper  11/06/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Have been a fan of alt-country/roots rock since 1972 and this cd and the band's live show are as good as it gets. Nothing is polished up or over produced - good songs,solid band,and a front man with a gritty voice.
Justin Klare  07/29/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Where do I begin on reviewing this cd? I first heard of Javi the last week of April 2010 through a friend. I heard one song on his myspace music page and was instantly hooked. I got on my iTunes and bought his "Madly In Anger" ep because I couldn't wait another week until I saw him live and was able to buy this album "Southern Horror". I saw him on May 5, 2010 at the Phoenix Saloon for his cd release party. I got to meet Javi and bought a copy of this album. It hasn't left my cd player since. He has this rugged sound that I have never heard before. I dig this album and since have gotten alot of people into his music. The man is the most down to earth, coolest guy ever. If you do not own this album yet, you need to do so. I highly recommend it and gurantee if you like ronchy, in your face music, you need to get this. If there wasn't a limit on the rating I would give it and infinite number.
Fortunate Son  07/20/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Anybody who doesn't flat-out love this record is dead between the ears.
LSM  06/06/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Here's the deal, folks. When I see multiple reviews from the same IP address (there were 3 1-star reviews from the same IP address) then they get deleted. Post your thoughts ONCE, and please post without vulgarity or personal attacks. Thanks.
cincychris  06/06/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
this cd is amazing, take ryan bingham and the drive by truckers mix em together and you get javi garcia, driving guitars and great songwriting this is a great texas artist
prgonzo74  06/01/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Pretty good cd overall. Glad I have it. A little different than the Todd Snider, Hayes Carll folkier type music I listen to, but that's why I gave it a shot. Been looking for new musicians.
Smokey Joe  05/28/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
I'm just an average browser, and I just listened to all the samples, and I gotta say, WHO IS WRITING 5 STAR REVIEWS? I'm giving what I heard, 2 STARS and I feel I'm being generous. Mediocrity always seems to rise to the top locally and this sounds like another example. And seriously, the drummer left a defensive review; SERIOUSLY?
Johnny  05/27/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Ok single star one. First, I agree that it was pretty stupid for a drummer to review his own CD. But really, little star(pancho villa, larry gimble, or whatever you will go by next) you don't appear to have any credibility at all. As I said, you should have tried to fake a two or three star review if you wanted. Keep writing all you want and keep changing names but I'm sure people will know it is the same person again and again and again. Why are you such a hater bro? Did this guy sleep with your mom or something? Oh wait, I did your mom...I forgot. I don't have a CD you can trash so sorry about that.
Larry Gimble  05/27/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Okay, is their anything more pathetic than an actual artist cruising this website to look at reviews, or worse, commenting on their own work (Chris Compton, drummer)? And, when an artist has to add favorable comments on their work, that is a sure sign of how bad the music really is. In addition, Chris comes off looking even more ridiculous with his juvenile comments about, "limp-wristed sissies". Wow, what a hard-a$$ you are. Dude, grow up and get a life This CD has been over-hyped as some sort of revelation, while in fact, it is mundane and boorish. Horrible vocals, and yes, the drummer is sub-par too.
Johnny  05/25/2010          
A Southern Horror (2 CDs)
Alright. I am not this dude's friend, dad, cousin, or whatever...I work at a bar he makes cameos at. What's up with the one star review...."The worst I ever heard" Honestly? This stuff is great. Period. If the fake reviewer was smart he would try to write a three or two star comment to not seem so obvious. Did Javi steal your candy little single star one? Things will be ok.


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