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Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros, the legendary Texas songwriter and his new group of exceptionally talented musicians, will release their debut album, DIAMONDS IN THE SUN. The CD was produced by Lloyd Maines, with Americana gems like “Trains I Missed,” which is already creating a buzz, “The Shape I’m In” and “Stand Up Seven.” The album includes six tracks by Wilkins, two by band members, and three covers by the likes of The Band, Davis Raines, Ray Stephenson & Bob Dipiero. Live performances are already drawing comparisons to The Eagles, but the band also reflects influences such as Poco, The Lost Gonzo Band, and Crosby, Stills & Nash. Joining Wilkins on acoustic guitar are Bill Small on bass, percussion and acoustic guitar; John M. Greenberg and Marcus Eldridge on electric guitars; and Ramon Rodriguez on drums and percussion. All five are singers, four are songwriters and each has made his own records. Maines also contributed turns on steel guitar, baritone guitar, acoustic high-string guitar and mandolin. Wilkins, a gifted songwriter, has earned comparisons to Guy Clark and Kris Kristofferson. His credits include “Songs About Texas,” the single that launched Pat Green’s career, Ricky Skaggs’ “Seven Hillsides” from the GRAMMY Award-winning SOLDIER OF THE CROSS and Ty Herndon’s “Big Hopes,” which was the title track for that record. Most recently, GRAMMY Award-winning artist Pam Tillis recorded on her new CD his “Someone, Somewhere Tonight” from MUSTANG ISLAND.
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Average Rating : 4.9              Total Reviews: 100

Walt Wilkins  12/20/2016            
The Point
Streetlight is as good as anything Walt has ever done. And given his body of work, that is saying something. Get one for yourself, your friends..and folks you want to be your friends.
Walt Wilkins  05/05/2015            
Walt in any configuration, Mystiqueros, Tina & Him, Solo, Nashville Band..., is a prize to be cherished. Such a professional in every way. Presentation, lyrics, guitar, vocals..... I always leave with a better outlook on life.
Walt Wilkins  03/24/2013            
Mick in Virginia
I beg to differ with the "Music Maverick". I travel long distances to see Walt Perform and have never been disapointed. I can barely wait for his annual trek to the New York area so I can travel 600 miles from Virginia to see him again. Planning a trip to Texas soon and will ensure I can see him perform at least twice on the trip. Always worth the travel.
Walt Wilkins  03/23/2013            
Walt's latest solo album "Plenty" is one of those records that doesn't come along very often. By that I mean there is not one song that you even want to skip and when it comes back around to track one, you will want to listen to it all over again. My favorites..."Rain All Night" the line "in a while, we'll be up and at 'em, throwing ourselves at the day", just jumps out at me..&.."Maybe Everybody Quit Cheating", "maybe it's the slow season, maybe everybody quit cheating" Buy this record and anything else with Walt Wilkins' name on it, you won't be disappointed!
Walt Wilkins  03/23/2013            
Nashville Cat
I know Texas music lovers are happy that Walt is back where he belongs, but we sure do miss him in Nashville. Those of you who follow Walt's music understand you are listening to a remarkable musician and story teller who sings about his life's journey -- from the anguish, despair, and hopelessness of Ruby's 2 sad daughters, to the simple, soulful love song, "Something like heaven." He understands that special moments can change destiny. He has a Faulknerian view of time. And yet he is still discovering with the eye of a child -- have you listened to Under the Cottonwood tree lately? As Walt matures as an artist, he reminds me, and I hope he reminds all of us, its not riches, its not what we've got right now, it's not where we are trying to get to. It's about "Love hanging heavy on the vine," and the simple joy of of just being. Thank you, Walt for doing what you do -- we all benefit. If none of this makes sense, please listen to Plenty, and then it will.
Walt Wilkins  02/05/2013            
Music Maverick
Had heard lots of hype and some was true and some ...well underwhelmed. Think maybe has been doing this for so long , he has lost some of the freshness and is into rote performance. That said, did enjoy a few of the songs and his voice while good on some tunes not so much on the other. Worth going to see but not a long drive.
Walt Wilkins  05/19/2012            
The Point, The Closer and the Missus
What an amazing collection of songs. With Strother Martin stealing the scene right in the middle. No failure to communicate here. The opener "Sit Right Here" sets the tone for a listening session guaranteed to make you smile, remember old friends and be thankful in general. All things Walt's music can help you do when you need it most. To try to single out any one or 2 songs would be an injustice to the rest on this record. So: Just buy it and smile, remember old friends and be thankful in general that Walt writes these songs. Oh and buy many and give them to people who could use a smile.
Walt Wilkins  08/07/2010            
Just really got into this Wilkins cat recently. In 3 months, I've bought everything he's ever recorded. "Agave" is flat out great. Now I see he's doing an east coast tour in my neck of ther woods. Is this a great country or what?!
Walt Wilkins  05/08/2010            
Night Train, the next-to-last cut, may be the most contaigous song in a long time. Impossible to not find yourself humming it an hour after it ends. Bill Small is a really, really, really terrific vocalist. And nice to hear the "Vince Gill With Fangs", Marcus Eldridge, join in the fun. John Greenberg's "Porcelain Heart" is the best love song on the CD and his vocals are perfect for it. Ray Rodriguez sounds like he was at the top of his game on every song on this record. Which brings us to Big Daddy: WW. Could you imagine any other artist taking his name off the band's name...and just going with the band name? (Notice it's from "The Mystiqueros"...not "Walt Wilkins and The Mystiqueros") That's how much he believes in this great band. The man is an even better person than he is a writer, singer & picker. AND THAT is saying something. Go to every show you can and buy this record. Go on....get going.
Walt Wilkins  04/27/2010            
Absolutely brilliant. I actually had people asking me what I was smiling about the first time I ran through the CD, and I hadn't even realized that I was. Everyone should do themselves a favor and spend their money on an amazing CD with amazing group of artists. It is completely worth it and will remind you that not all music is turning to junk these days. Thank you Mystiqueros!
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