Britt Lloyd Band

Britt Lloyd Band
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Rockin' Faces off since 2003. Listen to the tunes and decide for yourself. For full bio and schedule visit "I don't write and produce songs so people will like them, I do it so people will listen" - BL
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Average Rating : 5              Total Reviews: 40

Britt Lloyd Band  01/21/2013            
Love this band. The live tracks really show how great they sound in person, as well as on the CD.
Britt Lloyd Band  08/26/2010            
you got a new fan! can't wait to see the new video, i love that song 'just go'!
Britt Lloyd Band  01/15/2010            
I absolutely love this band...every time I have seen them they have put on an EXCELLENT show!!
Britt Lloyd Band  10/12/2009            
Saw these guys a couple weeks back and they put on an awesome show, great songs! Thanks for the cd guys! See you next time
Britt Lloyd Band  08/11/2009            
Britt Lloyd is by far the best band out there these days! I recently saw Britt and Steve acoustic and let me tell was awesome! Love these guys and can't wait to see them again!!!!
Britt Lloyd Band  01/30/2009            
Best CD I've heard in a long time
Britt Lloyd Band  11/10/2008            
Great show at Harry's. It was my first time to here yall and I was impressed. Thanks fellas. You Stay Classy San Diego
Britt Lloyd Band  09/14/2008            
this album is great i have listened to it a thousand times and still cant get enough of it buy it, buy it buy, it, you will love it.
Britt Lloyd Band  09/14/2008            
Heiko Wester, Netherlands
After some trouble with the release date, 'The Ink' endly arrived in the Netherlands. It's worth, the waiting. Only saw 'That Kind' on video and listened some short intro's on MySpace, I must admit, NOT bad! Listen to the whole CD, the divers of the songs makes me happy! LISTEN, you wan't regret!
Britt Lloyd Band  09/02/2008            
AWESOME CD!!! There are SO many great songs on this album (actually every song is great), it's a MUST have for everyone's cd player! Britt is a talented song writer and "The Ink" album really proves that! Buy a copy for you & a friend...I promise you won't be disappointed!
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