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Brandon Jenkins
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Power, sincerity and conviction are hallmarks of Brandon Jenkins the songwriter and Brandon Jenkins the singer.  He has made a name for himself as a songwriter able to tackle all slices of life with equal vigor.  As a vocalist, Jenkins possesses a country twang that crushes the metaphorical crutch of not judging a book by its cover that many folks would use to describe his appearance. It is unwise to simply dismiss Brandon Jenkins as a tattooed guitar wielding giant, although that is certainly part of his personality.  To truly understand Brandon Jenkins you must realize that he is a thoughtful and soul baring artist sharing his craft with audiences nightly and on each of his records. 


Brandon Jenkins has been breaking musical ground and stereotypes since the mid 1990’s and continues to get better with each passing year.  In addition to his success as a solo artist, he is well known for his writing and co-writing of hit songs for other artists, most notably:  Stoney LaRue, Bleu Edmondson and Cross Canadian Ragweed.  Jenkins’ talents in all areas of music have allowed him to reach legendary status among Red Dirt aficionados, all while still being in the prime of his career. 


His live shows, whether acoustic or featuring his rocking electric trio, are a spellbinding display of music mixing force and subtlety.  The diverse nature of his song catalog and the versatile dynamics of his musicianship allow him to conquer any audience he is in front of.  


With a new album set for release in April 2011, Jenkins is poised to further cement his place as one of the foundations of the entire Red Dirt music scene and the larger Americana scene.  Paired with a determined and ambitious tour schedule in support of the new album, audiences will continue to witness Brandon Jenkins break models and shed labels in his quest for musical dominance.  

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Brandon Jenkins  10/03/2006            
Brandon Jenkins is way too talented to be as underrated as he is. It would be a mistake not to by anything he puts out.
Brandon Jenkins  01/04/2006            
nosy rosy
any kin to Tom and Jerry Jenkins? Jerry plays rock, country out of Amarillo. Just wondering?
Brandon Jenkins  10/20/2005            
Brandon Jenkins  10/03/2005            
Tall Blonde Amy
I have seen alot of country music acts all over and one of my favorites is Brandon Jenkins . Not only is he an awsome performer but the music is honest and just sounds great! He a great act to see had a great time . Him and his band are cool in my book.
Brandon Jenkins  09/18/2005            
Chet Easterwood
as good as it gets! they don't have a bad song. every album is oone you can just let play. incredable live!!!
Brandon Jenkins  09/15/2005            
awesome!! very talented. Love your music - have all your cd's - waiting for the new one.
Brandon Jenkins  07/23/2005            
I first saw Brandon Jenkins last year at Ardmore's "Springfest." The crowd wasn't very big, but the show sure was! Brandon and all the other acts played for those few of us there just as if it were a huge auditorium full of people. I love Brandon Jenkins!
Brandon Jenkins  06/28/2005            
Brandon Jenkins  06/26/2005            
I've had this CD for years and it's still one of my favorites! Brandon's voice and style are awesome!
Brandon Jenkins  06/24/2005            
Miss you in Oklahoma.
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